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The following is an excerpt from the book The Ultimate New York Diet

by David Kirsch
Published by McGraw-Hill; October 2006;$24.95US/$29.95CAN; 0-07-147582-6
Copyright © 2006 David Kirsch

Cleansing Supplements

Over the years, you've been exposed to numerous toxins in the form of air pollution, pesticide residue on your foods, heavy metal contamination in fish and poultry, and much more. To detoxify your system, your body has stored away these toxins in your fat cells. One of the unfortunate side effects of weight loss is this: as your fat cells release their fat, they also release these toxins into your bloodstream. To enable your body to deal with these toxins, I suggest the following supplements. They will help detoxify your body in a number of ways.

Look for a supplement that contains these herbs in a convenient mixture. I suggest all of my clients take one of my personally branded supplements called Flush and Cleanse. It contains senna, dandelion leaf, milk thistle, and other cleansing herbs and minerals. As an added bonus, it also contains green tea extract for metabolism boosting.

Overall Good Nutrition

I recommend that all of my clients take a multivitamin. No matter how healthful your diet, you just never know if something is slipping through the cracks. A daily multivitamin mineral supplement helps seal those cracks.

In particular, make sure your supplement supplies 100 percent of the daily value for the following:

In addition to that list of usual suspects, I've added spirulina and astragalus to my Vitamin/Mineral Super Juice. Spirulina is a micro algae that is rich in protein, beta-carotene, iron, vitamin B12, and a rare essential fatty acid. It's considered one of the world's top superfoods. Astragalus is a Chinese herb that builds energy in the body. In doing so, it may bolster immunity and overall health.

Personally, I also take some Chinese herbs, including reishi, maitake, shiitake, and cordyceps mushrooms. They help build up and promote the immune system and provide general overall health and vitality. I take them in liquid form and will just drop them in my tea several times a day.

Copyright © 2006 David Kirsch