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The following is an excerpt from the book Still Hot
by Sue Mittenthal and Linda Reing
Published by Running Press;  March 2008;$12.95US/$13.95CAN; 978-0-7624-3112-0
Copyright © 2008 Sue Mittenthal and Linda Reing

Solo on Saturday night

You call your single girlfriends, each and everyone of them, but they've all lined up dates through You ring up your best married friend and whine. She says, "You think you have it bad? I'm having dinner with my aunt in the Alzheimer's unit tonight." You beg to tag along, but she thinks you're joking.

You buzz your daughter's cell for the fourth time that day. After all, weekend minutes are free. She sees your caller ID and grumbles, "What now?" You improvise a quick excuse, advising her to drive carefully because it's raining. Well, it is.

When your computer is your only reliable companion, consider a few of our favorite dates:

*Wild inebriated party that turns your house into a parking lot

Copyright © 2008 Sue Mittenthal and Linda Reing