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Simmons Marcia Simmons, author of DIY Cocktails: A Simple Guide To Creating Your Own Signature Drinks, is a contributing editor of and editor-in-chief of, a visual gallery of cocktail indulgences. Her pantry is always filled with bottles and jars of homemade infusions and liqeurs. She's been a professional writer for more than ten years and a professional drinker since 2008.

Jonas Halpren, co-author of DIY Cocktails: A Simple Guide To Creating Your Own Signature Drinks, is the founder and editor of He started the site in 1999 to share his passion for fine spirits and knowledge of bartending in an accessible way. His goal was to provide creative alternatives to boring cocktails and demystify the intimidating cocktail world for regular folk.

For more information, view Marcia Simmons's Web site.

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