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Bat Boy Lives! The Weekly World News Guide to Politics, Culture, Celebrities, Alien Abductions, and the Mutant Freaks That Shape Our World
by David Perel and the Editors of the Weekly World News

Published by Sterling

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All serious newshounds know that there are many important stories that are simply too scandalous, too risque, or too dangerous for so-called reputable news sources to print. Some call it conspiracy, others hogwash, but devoted truth-seekers have always been able to turn to the Weekly World News for in-depth coverage of the vital news items that have fallen through the cracks in the mainstream media. Where else could you find the latest information about Bigfoot, the Loch Ness Monster, and the various exploits of Bat Boy, the half man/half bat discovered in a West Virginia cave in 1992? Where else would you read about Osama bin Laden and Saddam Hussein's passionate romance (and adopted love chimp, Robert), George W. Bush's plan to sell Hawaii to pay for the war in Iraq, and the mysterious healing properties of Janet Jackson's miracle boob? Nowhere, that's where.

Bat Boy Lives! has changed all that. Now, for the first time ever, the most earth-shattering stories from the last 25 years of penetrating WWN reportage -- including behind-the-scenes details that are seeing the light of day for the first time -- are available in one astonishing volume. No matter what beat they're covering, WWN's team of dedicated journalists are committed to revealing the unalloyed truth behind stories that are barely being mentioned in other print and broadcast outlets. For instance, in this book of hard-hitting exposés readers will learn the shocking facts about a host of important issues that affect their day-to-day lives:

In Science -- Aliens Are Using Email to Seduce Earth Women! Garden Gnomes Found on Moon & Mars! Do-It-Yourself Stomach Stapling Kits!

About the Paranormal -- Nixon's Ghost Is Haunting the White House! Space Alien Pet Found! Four People Vanish in Portable Toilet!

On the Bizarre -- I Was Bigfoot's Love Slave! Loch Ness Monster Pregnant! Pterodactyl Bites Man's Arm Off!

In Pop Culture -- Alien Body Snatchers Reject Paris Hilton! Ben Franklin Invented the Moonwalk! Mad Scientist Clones Richard Simmons!

On Religion -- Pizza Was Served at Last Supper! Gay Couple Were First Humans! Hell Really Is Freezing Over!

In Politics -- Fidel Castro Is Madly In Love with Roseanne! Bat Boy Leads Troops to Saddam's Hole! Twelve U.S. Senators Are Aliens!

Most impressively, perhaps, this engrossing compendium goes beyond the everyday dispatches of the Weekly World News to bring you the fascinating facts the articles left out, including how to tell if your toilet is a gateway to hell, the choicest cuts of meat on a giant mutant grasshopper, and tips for telling the difference between an android and a clone. You'll also find never-before-seen extras, such as bumper stickers from Bat Boy's presidential campaign, the best alien personal ads, and the eagerly awaited centerfold of the world's first Bigfoot hooker.

Bat Boy Lives! is an indispensable volume for the dedicated follower of the fantastic and for the uninitiated alike. In fact, a more important guide to the unexplained forces that shape our world -- from the creaking in your attic to the strange behavior of your cat, from Bill Clinton's three-breasted intern to Donald Rumsfeld's beloved G.I. Joe doll -- has never before been published. Why must you buy this book right now? Because the truth is in here!

pub date: 2005-10-25 | paperback | 9781402728235