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Air America: The Playbook: What a Bunch of Left-Wing Media Types Have to Say about a World Gone Right
by David Bender, Chuck D, Rev. Dr. C. Welton Gaddy, Thom Hartmann, Robert F. Kennedy Jr., Rachel Maddow, Mike Malloy, Mike Papantonio, Randi Rhodes, Mark Riley, San Seder, Introduction by Al Franken

Published by Rodale

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Have you ever secretly felt that you would do a better job of running the country than the people in charge now? Well, the truth is, you're right.

And you're not alone in that feeling. Air America: The Playbook --What a Bunch of Left-Wing Media Types Have to Say about a World Gone Right offers a rowdy and incisive challenge to the astoundingly stupid ideas and actions of the Bush administration.

Here's what the loudest and funniest voices in talk radio have to say about taking back your country. Air America stars Al Franken, Randi Rhodes, Sam Seder, Rachel Maddow, and the rest of the network's lineup have created a simple, bracing referendum on stopping the madness and getting maximum mileage out of your citizenship.

This book is a call to make the United States of America work for you, not vice versa. Twelve in-depth, thought-provoking original essays by the heavy guns at Air America map out the deep-rooted problems that confront this great country and point the way to a better future. Fascinating conversations with high-octane visitors such as Vice President Al Gore and President Jimmy Carter, as well as rising stars such as Senator Russ Feingold and Governor Mark Warner, illustrate how Air America, every day, showcases the fact that progressives do have a plan for making America great again. Their lively interviews are included alongside riveting exchanges that testify to why live radio remains such a powerful medium, even in the age of 500 TV channels. Here is Randi Rhodes confronting Ralph Nader over his controversial third-party presidential bid in 2004. Here are Al Franken and Joe Conason taking author Ed Klein to task over the shoddy journalism in his attack-biography of Hillary Clinton. Memorable appearances by progressive activists such as Whoopi Goldberg, Robert Redford, and Michael Stipe round out the collection, making Air America: The Playbook the one truly complete picture of what progressive thinkers have to offer the United States today.

Critics predicted that Air America would be a fly-by-night adventure in liberal folly: the radio network that wouldn't last the week. Instead, in twenty-four dynamic months, it has risen to become the most charged and entertaining forum for citizens committed to change. In this entertaining and informative volume, the collective expertise of Air America's extended family has been distilled to show readers what went wrong after George W. Bush took office, why, and how to fix it. It all begins with understanding who is pulling the strings -- how deliberate campaigns of misinformation on everything from Iraq's so-called weapons of mass destruction to global warming have obscured the truth about the country's real problems. In a time when short-term profits of corporations and the narrow-minded values of the religious right have trumped every other concern, the regular citizen is looking for a way to fight back.

Air America: The Playbook shows the failures in policy, ethics, initiative, and imagination that have, sadly, characterized the United States in the new millennium. The book offers farsighted and easy-to-follow principles that will put power back where it belongs -- in the hands of the people.

It's called a democracy. Now make it one!

pub date: 2006-10-10 | hardcover | 9781594865145