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Children of Dust: A Memoir of Pakistan Children of Dust: A Memoir of Pakistan

by Ali Eteraz

Book Reviews

"Wildly entertaining, Children of Dust is memoir of the first order, as genuinely American as Muslim, unraveling the perilous mystery that is modern Pakistan as only memoir can. Unlike others, Eteraz has truly 'been there,' and we are all the better for it."
--Murad Kalam, author of Night Journey

"In Children of Dust we follow the journey of a soul determined to reconcile the many worlds that live inside the author. In a time rife with cultural misinterpretations and generalizations, sensitive accounts such as this are invaluable assets."
--Laleh Khadivi, novelist, author of The Age of Orphans

"The gripping story of a young man exposed to both the beauty and ugliness of religion."
--Laila Lalami, author of Secret Son

"A love letter to one man's fading faith, Children of Dust is a gift and a necessity, and should be read by believers and nonbelievers alike. It is sure to deepen our collective conversation about religion and reason, loyalty and universality, and our geopolitical aims. Lucky then that it's also just plain fun to read."
--Yael Goldstein Love, author of Overture: A Novel and The Passion of Tasha Darsk

Online Reviews

"Children of Dust: A Memoir of Pakistan is written in a highly intelligent, wise, humorous and straight-forward manner that will appeal to many readers searching in their own journey or wanting to understand and appreciate the journey of this particular people's religion and nationality."
--Crystal Reviews

"This is a gripping memoir that is sure to touch all who read it."

"Ali writes with a sense of humor and such an openness that it is hard to believe he has seen many acts of violence in his life. He gives everyday people another reason to believe . . . to know they have a voice and have a right to live in peace."
--Blue Heron Creek

"Eteraz's skills as a writer sets the book apart from similar works. He writing is lyrical, funny and evocative."
--Books Are My Only Friends

" . . . His writing style is easy and I soon forgot the lack of a traditional structure and truly enjoyed the book. His tales of his passion for his religion are funny, heartfelt and at times morbid. Mr. Eterez truly bares his soul and his life to the reader . . . I think anyone curious about Islam and life in Pakistan would find this book very enjoyable." 
--Broken Tee Pee
"How he reached his conclusion is a terrific personal journey of the soul that is easy to follow and admire."
--Romance Go Round (Harriet Klausner's Blog) 

"A very inspiring book, no matter your political or religious views. I hope the author continues to share his stories and love of Islam with the world. I highly recommend that if you read my blog, read this memoir."
--Freda's Voice

"The author's storytelling gifts are amply confirmed with his expertly voiced narration, his masterly evocation of time and place, and his eye-opening detail that at times are even surprising, if you have depended on popular media for your knowledge of Islam."
--Book Pleasures 

"The breezy narrative made this book an easy read and an excellent story."
--History Central 

"Children of Dust is compelling, insightful, and highly recommended. Ali Eteraz (sic) account provides insight into the dichotomy that exists within the Muslim world."
--The American Muslim 

"Although Eteraz's style is very different than most memoirs I read, I enjoyed it on the whole and would definitely recommend it to those interested in the story of a boy dedicated to Islam who becomes a man dedicated to reforming Islam."
--Devourer of Books

"I liked that this book read more like a novel, than dry non-fiction, a tale divided into five parts. But that doesn't take away the experience of the author and what the reader takes away from this book. It was very well-written and enjoyable."
--Book Magic

"I would recommend this book to anyone that would likes to read memoirs and can appreciate the authors amazing gift to tell his life story in a way that is both enjoyable and easy to read.
--Starry Eyed Surprise

"Children of Dust is really a remarkable story written so that even someone totally unfamiliar with Islamic teachings can understand. I was impressed with Eteraz's writing; he described places I've never been vividly enough that I could picture them."
--My Book Views

"I recommend this memoir to anyone who wishes to see peace in this world, for all countries, religions. Ali Eteraz is a unique voice searching for this precious peace and I wish him all the luck he will need."
--Madeleine's Book and Photo Blog 

"As I mentioned above, the story is well laid out, the prose is beautiful and Eteraz's love and confusion for where he belongs is made real to the reader."
"I found the book to be very readable and I enjoyed his perspective on Islam."
--This and That

" . . . For those interested in the Muslim religion, Children of Dust is quite thorough and even-handed -- with the author expressing his ups and downs as he delved into fundamentalism at times, became an activist, and shied away from his faith and roots at others."
--5 Minutes for Books 

"Ali Eteraz's experiences in Children of Dust: A Memoir of Pakistan are truly moving. This memoir is a very much worth reading for both Muslims and non-Muslims alike."
--Activist Biographies at Suite 101 

"America needs to hear more stories about young Muslims with the same boldness as Eteraz's 'Children of Dust'.  Americans want to really know Muslims and especially those living in America. 'Children of Dust' gives Americans a great insight into the mind of a somewhat typical American Muslim. That is an invaluable resource."
--The American Muslim