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The Nethergrim: Book 1 The Nethergrim: Book 1

by Matthew Jobin

Book Reviews

"The Nethergrim itself is indeed the stuff of nightmares . . . fantasy fans will find much to enjoy in this elegant gem of a novel, and the haunting message that the monstrosity of some humans can rival even that of ageless creatures is so carefully and effectively inlaid that it will likely linger even after other details fade."
-- The Bulletin of the Center for Children's Books

"The beginning of what is sure to be a sweeping, epic fantasy series. Debut author Jobin tells a riveting, slowly building story, and his rich, evocative writing style only adds to the package. Perfect for imaginative middle-grade readers craving a hearty magical adventure."
-- Booklist

"In this entertaining coming-of-age fantasy . . . fourteen-year-old would-be wizard Edmund, chafing at his parents' plans for him to inherit their inn, wants to rescue his younger brother, who has been kidnapped by the shadowy minions of the Nethergrim . . . First in a planned trilogy, this is a solid debut for anthropologist Jobin, who steers clear of genre clich├ęs while offering up a refreshingly metaphysical take on magic, a believably dark setting filled with unusual threats, and a seductive and manipulative villain."
-- Publishers Weekly

"This series starter is reminiscent of epic fantasy series such as C.S. Lewis' The Chronicles of Narnia or J.R.R. Tolkien's The Lord of the Rings. It is appropriate for and appealing to younger readers as well as older teens and adults with an interest in fantasy. The characters are strongly drawn and the reader is quickly lured into their quest to save their town. There is a compelling blend of magic, romance, looming evil, and noble sacrifice. This book is a highly recommended purchase for libraries serving readers of middle school age and up; many readers will be eagerly anticipating the next entry in this promising new series."
-- Sherrie Williams, VOYA

"An original and subtle tale by a debut author, this is the story of Katherine, Tom, and Edmund, three unlikely heroes who stand forth to battle an ancient evil threatening everyone's lives. Entertainingly told with many unique features, The Nethergrim reads like a classic."
-- Powell's Books [Staff Pick and New Favorite in Children's Books]

"Matthew Jobin creates such a magnificent world in his story that you cannot bring yourself to put the book down. I could compare it to J.R.R. Tolkien and yet even that does not do it justice! Jobin takes everything about the "successful fantasy formula" and throws it out the window. This has definitely been a worthwhile read and is definitely jumping to the top of my books to recommend to children/parents looking for a good fantasy and adventure title!"
-- Children's Lead for Barnes and Noble

"Jobin combines elements of suspense and mystery with a pervasive sense of impending doom in this opening volume of this trilogy."
-- School Library Journal