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The Islamist The Islamist

by Ed Husain

Book Reviews

"This captivating and terrifyingly honest book is . . . a wake-up call."
--The Guardian (London)

"Persuasive and stimulating."
--Martin Amis

"The Islamist could not be more timely . . . Husain's is a disturbing picture . . . In a wake-up call to monocultural Britain, it takes you into the mind of young fundamentalists"

"A courageous memoir . . . explosive"
--Evening Standard

"The Islamist should be prescribed like medicine. Whatever your prejudices, it will eat into them like acid"
--Daily Telegraph

"A revealing and alarming account"

"Gripping . . . far more than just an arresting testimony of a mind freeing itself from the shackles of extremism. It is an extraordinarily written memoir of growing up in the Eighties and Nineties, with moving family vignettes and lyrical passages . . . compelling"   
--Mail on Sunday

"The penetrating insight of a former insider . . . A uniquely well- informed guide to the netherworld of British Islamism . . . a riveting personal narrative"
--John Gray, Literary Review

"Unique . . . openly and frankly discusses life inside radical Islamic organizations and crucially reveals important warnings about the future of Islam . . . It is also a call to ordinary Muslims to reclaim their faith"
--Asian Leader

"Explains the appeal of extremism for an intelligent young mind and is an intensely personal protest against political Islam"

"A shocking exposè of life inside London's spreading Islamist groups"
--London Paper

"An impassioned plea for tolerance . . . Anyone interested in how extremist Islam has established its grip on this country should read this insider account from a former radical"

"Provides telling insight" 
--Daily Express