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The Sugarless Plum The Sugarless Plum

by Zippora Karz

Book Reviews

"From the very first sentence I was pulled into a magnificent story of triumph over adversity Zippora's story gives courage and strength to anyone with diabetes."
--Lois Jovanovic, M.D., Sansum Diabetes Research Institute

"A must read for anyone who has diabetes or knows someone who does. Zippora followed her passion and found a balance necessary for a full and rich life."
--Kay Mazzo, Co-chairman of Faculty, School of American Ballet

"Zippora has enabled us to realize that with support and commitment dreams can come true and diabetes can be conquered. Her story is an inspiration for us all."
--Francine R. Kaufman, M.D., author of Diabesity

"With generosity and courage, Zippora vividly describes her passion to dance while balancing her ever-changing need for medication. She was an exquisite dancer, and this is a beautifully written and inspiring book."
--Allegra Kent, former principal dancer, New York City Ballet

"Zippora was an enormously talented dancer and she brings to this book her unique perspective on being an athlete with diabetes. Her wonderfully positive outlook provides invaluable information that readers will find both helpful and fascinating!"
--Peter Martins, Ballet Master in Chief, New York City Ballet

"Zippora Karz had what the great dancers have: a pure-hearted musicality that could bring audiences to tears. Your won't be able to put this book down."
--Elizabeth Kendall, author of Autobiography of a Wardrobe

Online Reviews

"The Sugarless Plum takes readers deep into the heart and soul of a young dancer, and is a remarkable testament to determination and perseverance."
--Luxury Reading 

"I would recommend this book to parents of children with diabetes, college students and young adults with diabetes and anyone that wants to learn how one woman managed her diabetes while dealing with the rigorous training and schedule of a professional ballerina."

"Her words and her story inspire hope and passion toward realization of dream creation and visualization. It is truly amazing that she was able to overcome a devastating illness and achieve more than she even dreamed was possible. You can too!"
--Book Pleasures 

"Karz' memoir, although 268 pages, is a quick read. To the reader, her emotional vivaciousness in light her challenges, as well as her genuineness, contribute her credibility and makes for an enjoyable read."
--NY Book Cafe 

"The Sugarless Plum is the story of Zippora Kartz (sic), told by her in first person. She reveals the mystique of ballet in such a way that only with our imaginations can we, outside the art, know the struggles, hardships, disappointments all ballerina's face." 
--Blog Critics, Regis Schilken 

"The Sugarless Plum is full of profound insights on health, career, family, and taking charge of her life. Karz also found meaning in her illness by sharing her story. She has written a great aid to anyone sorting out the diagnosis of diabetes and struggling to live a normal life. When one choreographer called her a 'tough cookie' he surely didn't know just how tough this girl would become. Her book is a fabulous motivator for those who need inspiration in battling any difficulties in life."
--Blog Critics, Helen Gallagher 

"The book is very readable and is a good introduction to the world of the NYC Ballet and the dilemmas facing dancers. I would highly recommend it to anyone you know who loves ballet or who has diabetes, as it is a very can-do book on living with the diagnosis!"
--Bless Their Hearts Mom 

"This is her story and one she is willing to share with others who have diabetes. You can see by her words she encourages everyone to live to their fullest potential no matter what challenges come their way. In fact, her message is, 'Passion is what motivates us and gives our life meaning.'"
--Blue Heron Creek 

"I loved how she wrote, not only of this disease, but also of her love of dance. She allowed us into a world unknown, and it was a nice journey. I rooted for her with every step she took. I thought it was well written, and well expressed!! Kudos!!"
--Freda's Voice

"I admired her perseverance, and wanted to applaud her success, as well as weep for her problems. . . . Even if you are not a ballet fan (and what little girl isn't?) this is such an uplifting story, and you will find it well worth your time."
--Joe Mama 

"I would recommend this if you are interested in learning about diabetes or are interested in the NYC Ballet Company."
--Reading is the Spice of Life 

"The book is easy to read and captures the reader on page one and doesn't let go until the story is has been told.  Anyone struggling with a diagnosis of diabetes and how to incorporate the strict regimen into their lifestyle will greatly appreciate the passion and intense honesty Karz shares. She takes the reader through her own experiences to be inspired, and gain confidence and understanding that until diabetes is stopped, those who are diagnosed can triumph and adapt."
--Suite 101 HealthField Medicare 

"The Sugarless Plum is an inspiring story of determination and perseverance in the face of disease. Zippora Karz's story is a must read for anyone who is facing diabetes or a chronic disorder. Her words are an inspiration that can move anyone to live his/her dreams to the fullest."
--Suite 101 Athlete Biographies 

"This look at Zippy's life is amazing and inspiring. How she plows through it all while dealing with a life-altering illness is amazing. The book is very uplifting and honest. It read like a fiction novel in that it never lost pace and kept me wanting to know more and more about Zippy page after page."
--My Reading Room

"The Sugarless Plum: A Ballerina's Triumph Over Diabetes by Zippora Karz grabbed me from the beginning due to the face that this twenty-one year old girl who's whole life is ahead of her and she has reached the top of her career, all her dreams have come true, only to have a horrible reality hit her"
--Book Junkie 

"The imagery in this book is amazing. She is able to capture with words the elegance of ballet. Just by reading her accounts of the past it is evident she loves to dance and it is a place where she feels free and at home. You can really see the ballet in your minds eye and you can feel the pulled muscles, sprained ankles and the shakes low blood sugar has caused. This book was a joy to read and ponder."

"What I like best is Zippora's attitude of grounded optimism."
--Diabetes Mine 

"I think that someone who reads this book can use Zippora as an example of how to deal with those road blocks that stand in your way and still fulfill your dreams. This was a great quick read that most people would enjoy."
--Me-Mommy Etc 

"I can not begin to describe how incredibly moved I was by this book. Even now, as I think back to the journey Ms. Karz has shared with her readers, tears well in my eyes."
--You Gotta Read

"The author is honest with her reactions to this disease from denial, defeat and finally acceptance. Anyone who lives with or is close to someone with diabetes will find this an enlightening and beautiful story."

"This is not just a book for those with diabetes. Karz has written a book that will hold the attention of anyone interested in life. Her story is one of triumphant and struggle, love found and love lost. Many will identify with her in the successful times as well as the down times. Zippora Karz masterfully tells the story of walking with the elite and with the common people at the same time."
--Musing of a Minister 

"The reader comes away understanding the determination, and commitment involved, when it comes to overcoming something as life changing as diabetes.  And in the end, the reader comes to appreciate how difficult that struggle can be for those afflicted with this disease."
--Book Worm's Library

"This book read very quickly, and is definitely recommended for anyone who loves the ballet. Karz gives a really good overview of the ballet world. I have a new respect for these under appreciated athletes. Even if you can't relate to diabetes, it is about taking control of your own health."
--Book Magic 418 

"This is a beautifully written, honest story of a ballerina, the Sugarplum Fairy star, but it isn't a magical fairy tale ending. Rather it is a motivational and courageous tale of a woman who decides that this is her life and she will deal with it with grace and tenacity and not let it put an end to her dream."
--Bookin' with Bingo 

"The Sugarless Plum is a beautiful memoir by itself as well as a motivational boost for anyone struggling with a life long disease. Karz includes a resource section in her book for those with diabetes or those who know someone who does, as she extends her passion not only as a dancer, but also as a teacher and as an advocate speaking out to educate those dealing with diabetes. I would not hesitate to recommend this inspirational memoir."

"When I first saw the book I loved the title and the cover first off. The cover really conveys the book's tone to the reader and I like the combination of colors."
--Ashley's Library 

"During the introductory chapters, Zippora Karz's compelling writing conveys the urgency of her situation."
--My Book Views 

"This was a beautifully written book and the strength, willpower and determination she minimized throughout is truly inspirational."
--Bella's Novella 

"Karz's story is simply inspirational. The organization and flow of her words is pure poetry to read. She has proven herself just as talented with a pen as she is en pointe."
--Luxury Reading