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The Basic Book of Digital Photography: How to Shoot, Enhance, and Share Your Digital Pictures The Basic Book of Digital Photography: How to Shoot, Enhance, and Share Your Digital Pictures

by Tom Grimm and Michele Grimm

Book Reviews

"If you're just starting on digital photography, or have been snapping pictures with a digital camera for some time without developing your techniques, there's a great deal to learn from The Basic Book of Digital Photography."

Online Reviews

"This was SUCH a great book -- I know I'm gonna have to keep it handy, as it is a good resource to brush up on your camera skills! This would be the PERFECT Christmas gift for all the techies and non techies on your list this Christmas!"
--Bless Their Hearts Mom

"Now you've got that new camera, what do you do with it. Tom Grimm and Michele Grimm's book, The Basic Book of Digital Photography, is a great place to start."
--Between the Lines

"I can gush about what a great book this is all day long, and that won't help you decide if it's for you. I could also list all the things I like about it, but that's really not necessary. I'll sum it up thusly: If you have a camera and aren't a professional photographer, you should have this book. Period."
--Mind Connection 

"This is a wonderful book  for the photographer in your life! And what a great gift for the holidays!!!"
--PJ Mommy  

"If you're just starting on digital photography, or have been snapping pictures with a digital camera for some time without developing your techniques, there's a great deal to learn from The Basic Book of Digital Photography."

"I found some wonderful advice and couldn't believe how much I didn't know about taking digital pictures, even though I've been doing so for a few years."
--Connect With Your Teens 

"If you ever thought about photography as a hobby, then this book is a fantastic starting place for you. Anyone who's getting a camera for Christmas should get a copy of this book, also. I for one have picked out the camera that I want to get and I'm looking forward to giving this book a second read through so I'm ready for anything." 

"I recommend that this be read by anyone considering the purchase of a digital camera. Professionals should keep a copy nearby for reference purposes."

"This book covers EVERYTHING. From the very basic principles of downloading photos to the computer and charging the battery to 'professional' tips like photographing fireworks by keeping the shutter open and using a black card. . . . I decided to read this book when I heard it referred to as the digital bible. . . . I am finally beginning to feel like maybe this SLR camera won't be so totally overwhelming. After just a few chapters of this book, I started making some real headway with my photography."
--Natalie's Sentiments

"What a cool book! I was so excited to receive this book for review because, as hard as I try, I'm really just a terrible photographer. I'm hoping that, with all of the fantastic tips I've read in this book, all that's about to change. . . . I think it's a fantastic gift idea for those who love taking pictures or even for someone starting off with a digital camera. . . . Literally every single thing I could think to look up I found in this all-inclusive book. . . . This book serves as a great reference guide. I know I for one will be happy to have it around."
--Brizmus Blogs Books

"Even though we are pretty familiar with photography (being artists), and the digital side of things, this book still was an amazing reference and taught some things. It's a great book to have in your library, one that I am sure that I will reference often. . . . If you enjoy digital photography or want to get into it more but don't know where to start, The Basic Book of Digital Photography is a good book to have!"
--Aimee's Petite Maison

"A highly instructional and educational look at digital photography. . . . It is a great way to learn more about your camera and what you can do with it. It even talks about various programs for finishing your photos, or making digital prints. Incredible information! I recommend this book, we all love photos, and some even take them. This book will help!"
--Freda's Voice

"I am still reading the book and have learned SO much already. I no longer use the automatic settings on my camera. This book will teach the novice photographer, like myself, many things you need to know. I highly recommend this book to everyone and it would also make an excellent gift."
--Lil Maddie's Mee Maw

"This book is a wealth of camera knowledge. The authors have over 30 years of photography experience. This book is a great handbook. Whether this is your first digital camera or you are upgrading to a new one, you will find lots of hints to make your photos better."
--One 2 Try