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Remarkable Creatures: A Novel Remarkable Creatures: A Novel

by Tracy Chevalier

Book Reviews

"A stunning story, compassionately reimagined. . . . Chevalier turns a warming spotlight on a friendship cemented by shared obsession and mutual respect."
--Ruth Padel, The Guardian (London)

"Engrossing . . . [an] illuminating story of women finding fulfillment is shared passions and the bounds of friendship."
--Los Angeles Times

"So vivid you can feel the sea breeze on your face."

"Riveting . . . With this intriguing story, Chevalier convincingly creates a past time and place and gives a nod to two forgotten women."
--Chicago Sun-Times

"Delightful . . . a rich and appealing portrait."
--Minneapolis Star Tribune

"[Chevalier] admirably weaves historical figures and actual events into a compelling narrative. We care for these two headstrong women as they defy, sometimes unwittingly by just being themselves, the conventions of their day. It is a remarkable story about two very remarkable women."
-- San Francisco Chronicle

"As with her earlier work, [Remarkable Creatures] gives us the minutiae of everyday life and evocative, almost visceral response to the visual world."
--The Cleveland Plain Dealer

"Chevalier excavates her two main characters with great confidence and wit. . . . Like a fossil hunter herself, she has again combed the beaches of history for subject matter and created an egging story for the modern reader."
--Financial Times