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Master Your Debt: Slash Your Monthly Payments and Become Debt Free Master Your Debt: Slash Your Monthly Payments and Become Debt Free

by Jordan E. Goodman, with Bill Westrom

Book Reviews

"Being in debt does not have to be a life sentence. Jordan Goodman gives you the key to getting out of your debtor's prison in Master Your Debt."

--Terry Savage, nationally syndicated Chicago Sun-Times personal financial columnist and author of The New Savage Number

"Master Your Debt gives the skinny on today's most pressing finance issues. This type of advice is a rarity, as is Jordan's level of expertise. It's little wonder that he's known as America's Money Answers Man!"
--Curtis Arnold, founder of and author of How You Can Profit from Credit Cards

"Whether your goal is to whittle down your debt or boost your bottom line, Jordan Goodman shows you how to succeed in this book!"
--Gerri Detweiler, author of The Ultimate Credit Handbook and advisor to

"Winning strategies are the key to saving money! Jordan is a master of them. He has, once again, created another excellent, up-to-date, easy-to-use consumer guide that will help people save thousands of dollars on their debt."
--Scott Bilker, creator of and author of Talk Your Way Out Of Credit Card Debt

"Goodman (Everyone's Money Book), former Wall Street correspondent for Money magazine, offers a lifeline to Americans drowning in debt -- with attention to explaining the new rules that the government has put in place since unveiling its stimulus package, including new borrowing guidelines by banks and new policies to avoid mortgage foreclosures. After a brief sketch of the origins of the credit crisis, the author provides a way to determine just how much debt one is in and shares tips on negotiating various payments. Addressing refinancing and paying off mortgages, avoiding identity fraud, selecting the right car deals and student loans, and surviving bankruptcy, the book covers virtually all the debt bases with hard-hitting advice. Goodman offers a detailed appendix with contact information for further reading as well as various resources to empower readers and help them regain their financial footing. (Feb.)"
--Publisher's Weekly Nonfiction Book Reviews

Online Reviews

"Goodman saves the best chapter for last in the book. He has effective and real-life debt management tips for every age group starting with those in their teens and early twenties. Goodman's new book has 185 pages packed full of useful information and is a good start to gaining control of all matters money."

"There are examples given throughout the book and they are very easy to understand. If you are in financial difficulties from credit cards or bankruptcy the book will guide you in the right direction."
--Books R Us

"I have paid off three credit cards and reduced my overall debt by about 4000 bucks, in addition to the good debt I have analyzed and learned to handle better. Not bad for reading a book and jotting down some numbers.The author gives clear and concise examples in ways a non-money efficient person can understand. He also gives excellent strategies that an everyday person can implement. . . . Definitely worth my time and effort."
--Bibliophilic Book Blog

"This was a great, simple to read book about slashing your monthly payments and becoming debt free."
--One Income Dollar

"This information is very timely -- especially given current economic conditions. This book provides a pathway to getting out debt and on the road to savings. It was easy to read and provides common sense advice."
--Broken TeePee

"Master Your Debt: Slash Your Monthly Payments and Become Debt-Free by Jordan E. Goodman (with Bill Westrom) is an excellent resource for those wanting to really control their own personal finances. Goodman provides a step by step guide to understand, change and accept financial responsibility. Detailed examples as well as recommended resources are provided, with a full explanation of equity acceleration."
--Personal Debt Management at Suite 101

"Master Your Debt: Slash Your Monthly Payments and Become Debt Free by Jordan Goodman is by far the best book on debt, debt elimination, and credit management that I have read in long time. The book is very complete. If you have ever wanted to know anything about debt or debt elimination and didn't know where to turn, then Master Your Debt is for you."
--Stocker Blog

"I would highly recommend this book to anyone who wants to live within his or her means, or pay their debt off. Anyone who wants to learn about living debt free, and mastering the debt you have."
--Simply Stacie

"In Master Your Debt, Jordan Goodman presents readers with some of the best debt elimination and reduction tips, and credit management that I have read in long time. He packs the book with more than just information on mastering your debt, he also gets readers to fill in various worksheets to see where they can make changes to their financial lives . . . Since we live in such a debt laden society, this book is a great resource to help you understand debt and master it. I really liked his formula for becoming mortgage free in only seven years -- that one idea is worth the book right there."
-The Wisdom Journal