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Alice in Wonderland and Philosophy: Curious and Curiouser (Blackwell Philosophy and Pop Culture Series) Alice in Wonderland and Philosophy: Curious and Curiouser (Blackwell Philosophy and Pop Culture Series)

by William Irwin with Richard Brian Davis

Book Reviews

"So if you find yourself wondering just what the Red Queen was so upset about with all those white roses being painted red, or why The Mad Hatter was so mad, you will definitely be interested in 'Alice In Wonderland and Philosophy.' As the subtitle says, it's 'curiouser and curiouser!'"
--Las Vegas Review Journal

Online Reviews

"There are chapters upon chapters in this book that will sincerely make you think. They make absolute sense. I wish I could go into each one like Humpty Dumpty and his powers of reasoning, but I can't. I want you to go out, get this book, and see for yourselves."

"This book is thought provoking just like the New movie. The Disney movie was giggles and cutes. This book presents you with some ideas to ponder about in every day living and the meaning behind the original book."
--Geek Girl Reviews

"I feel like I've unlocked some secrets within the text and have been given a better view of what deeper meanings Alice In Wonderland may contain."
--Good Books and Wine

" . . . if you enjoy logic and philosophy, this would be a great book."
-- Chew & Digest Books

"This is one of those books that give you some insight on a book you may have read in the past. With all the publicity for the movie for Alice in Wonderland that is out right now, this book came at the perfect time. This book gives you some things to think about and ponder as you go along in the book."
--My Over Stuffed Bookshelf

"This book is wonderful. Who knew that our Alice could blend in and become a part of the modern woman's psyche? Alice in Wonderland and philosophy curiouser and curiouser made me look at Alice in a positive light and not see her as a ditsy British girl on a boring, hot afternoon. The book is definitely spectacular."
--Read with Tea

"How did I not know about this book series before now???? Alice in Wonderland and Philosophy is very fun. It's based on the original book, not the new movie. It looks at the classic Lewis Carroll novel in a new way and gives insight into the book and sheds some modern light on old philosophical theories. It's all documented and well organized -- really makes you think . . . There are a bunch of other books in the And Philosophy series that look fun, too -- Family Guy, Terminator, House, South Park, Lost . . . "
--Sweeps for Bloggers

"Because this book isn't written as one story, you're free to pick and choose which chapters appeal to you -- which makes it more fun to read."
--Fashionable Gal

"I can say each section of Alice In Wonderland And Philosophy: Curiouser and Curiouser is interesting, sometimes humorous, and definitely thought-provoking."
--Book Fan

"It really delves deeply into the meanings behind the story and breaks them down. I enjoyed it because it made me think!"
--The Cajun Book Lady

"I really enjoyed this book because it wasn't like most of the books that I have read. It's got a lot of different things to think about in the book and to relate it to the movie that is now playing in theaters."
--A Mom Who Loves Reviews

"It may sometimes be silly, but it's never boring and it makes you consider. It makes you think. Which, when you ponder it, is what philosophy is meant to do."
--January Magazine

"I enjoyed the book and I recommend it to anyone who wants to dig deeper into the mind of Lewis Carroll."
--Books R Us

"I would definitely recommend this book to a fan of Alice in Wonderland. The book helped me understand the book in ways that I never did before. I only would have preferred to read the essays over a longer period of time so that the content wouldn't overlap so much. I'm eager to read some of the other titles in the Blackwell Philosophy and Pop Culture Series."
--In the Hammock Blog

"There are many essays, as listed in the index, all provocative and lively and fun. The nitty gritty: philosophy connotes boring and ephemeral concepts many times beyond everyday worries. Not so these essays. Funny, understandable, creating an arena wherein we are challenged to think, but in a comprehensive, modern way, 'Alice in Wonderland and Philosophy' is a delight. I appreciated the book's novelty on an adult level, while still enjoying the brilliant nonsense Lewis Carroll presents in Alice in Wonderland. A new and inquisitive way to enjoy an old classic!"
--Review Broads

"Here is another book that came into my house and was instantly claimed by my son. This is a series of essays brings up some excellent points about Lewis Carroll, his history and the impact on today's world. Of course, there are the expected such as drugs and Alice, but there is the unexpected as well, like nuclear weapons and the Red Queen. I think you may want to go back and reread Alice a few more times after this book."

"Alice . . . and Philosophy is really a great addition to one's library. I thoroughly enjoyed it. In fact I enjoyed it enough to add some of the others of the series to my 'must purchase' list and they will be coming home with me the next time I visit my local bookstore!!"
--Just One More Paragraph

"But even more incredible is Alice in Wonderland and Philosophy: Curiouser and Curiouser (The Blackwell Philosophy and Pop Culture Series) Edited by Richard Brian Davis & William Irwin which I have had the pleasure of reading since before Burton's film released. This collection of essays is unlike anything you have ever read, which analyzes this classic tale."
--Hollywood the Write Way

"Throughout Alice In Wonderland and Philosophy, the reader can look within as well as at the world at large all the while learning about some of the greatest philosophical minds. I found Alice In Wonderland and Philosophy to be a thoroughly engaging read."

"Many will find that Alice In Wonderland and Philosophy: Curiouser and Curiouser is a treasure to read and contemplate. Previous knowledge of philosophy is not necessary, as each article includes a brief summary of the philosopher's idiom particular to that article. . . . Mainstream and not so mainstream philosophers' theories are applied to varying aspects of Alice and her strange world."
--Philosophy at Suite 101

"In large part, an entertaining book, part of an intriguing series and certainly a must read for any serious fans of Alice in Wonderland."
--A Lovely Shore Breeze

"Alice in Wonderland and Philosophy will change the way you look at life, and make you want to read Alice in Wonderland again to make use of that new awareness. It is a fun and interesting read that readers will want to refer back to often, especially during late night 'meaning of life' discussions."
--Read it And . . .

"With the renewed popularity of Alice in Wonderland of late, most notably the current hit movie, this book is very timely and should appeal to a wide variety of people. It will help younger readers more deeply explore the concepts laid out in the tale, and at the same time, should help those long familiar with Alice to reawaken those feelings of joy and promise and intrigue. The book does certainly open one's mind to becoming 'curiouser and curiouser' and is well worth the read . . . New dimensions arose from the essays at the varied times of reading, and I must say, I enjoyed the reading experience very much! Order your copy today -- you won't be sorry!"

"The first and best thing I can say about this book is that it made me think . . . I recommend this book to any Alice in Wonderland fan who is also interested in studying the work as it relates to philosophy."
--Ashley's Library