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Decoding the Lost Symbol: The Unauthorized Expert Guide to the Facts Behind the Fiction Decoding the Lost Symbol: The Unauthorized Expert Guide to the Facts Behind the Fiction

by Simon Cox

Book Reviews

"This is the ultimate guide to all the facts, trivia and puzzling references that are found in 'The Lost Symbol.'"
--The Las Vegas Review Journal

Online Reviews

"This book stands on its own as a valuable collection of historical facts."
--Mind Connection 

"Reading Decoding the Lost Symbol -- The Unauthorized Expert Guide to the Facts Behind the Fiction -- is like eating from the holiday candy box. So many delicious choices, you just want to curl up in a corner and slowly taste them all."
--Book Pleasures 

"If one is to read this book, I would recommend reading it before The Lost Symbol. It will provide a clearer understanding of the interpretive dilemmas faced by Katherine Solomon and Robert Langdon in their desperate search for the Ancient Mysteries."
--Blog Critics 

"Decoding The Lost Symbol Adds to Pleasure, Understanding of Dan Brown's Best-Selling Novel The Lost Symbol” 
--Basil and Spice

"Mr. Cox has done an excellent job in compiling a simple to use, and easy to understand source for the basic search into many of the signs and symbols so inherent not only to the writing of Mr. Brown, but also to our nation."
--The Book Worm’s Library 

"Reading Decoding The Lost Symbol is akin to watching The History Channel's Dan Brown-inspired specials, but it tackles an even broader spectrum of information and gives oodles of nerdy details that history buffs who read Brown for sheer entertainment value will appreciate."
--The Book Lady's Blog
"I highly recommend this book to not only Dan Brown fans, but anyone interested in history."
--Just One More Paragraph 

"This is a great book for fans of the movies and books. It gives you the insider track on everything!" 
--My Overstuffed Bookshelf 

"You really don't need to have read Dan Brown's book, The Lost Symbol to enjoy Decoding the Lost Symbol. It's a book anyone interested in conspiracy theories or our mysterious history would enjoy." 
--Confessions of an Overworked Mom 

"While Brown likes to muddle fact and fiction, British author Simon Cox specializes in disentangling the two, and he proudly repeats the fact that the BBC once called him a 'historian of the obscure.'" 
--True Small Caps 

"I liked this particular book, because the author, while he seems to be a fan of Dan Brown, doesn't let it prevent him from giving an honest look into the facts behind the book."
--Rhodes Review 

"The author has created a book that gives an insight to some of these references in The Lost Symbol . . . A fun book whether you read Dan Brown's book or not!" 

" . . . with each entry no more than a few pages, at the most, it offers a nice topline summary of information, as well as a bibliography at the back of the book should you want to delve deeper into a certain subject." 
--Bailey's and Books 

"If you're like me and want to know everything about these topics, I recommend this book." 

"If you have any questions about the terms, or theories in 'The Lost Symbol', give 'Decoding the Lost Symbol' a try. It explains so much and is very interesting on its own." 
--Joe Mama 

"And I find that, after reading Cox's clear and understandable entries about the many clues, I am inclined to go back and re-read 'The Lost Symbol,' with 'Decoding The Lost Symbol' close at hand." 
--I Read

"Dan Brown does a good job of educating readers, but Simon Cox takes the learning a step further by providing in depth knowledge of these topics."
--Reading with Mo