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The On-Demand Brand: 10 Rules for Digital Marketing Success in an Anytime, Everywhere World The On-Demand Brand: 10 Rules for Digital Marketing Success in an Anytime, Everywhere World

by Rick Mathieson

Book Reviews

"Through persuasive arguments and q&a's with the major players in advertising, Mathieson makes an excellent case for greater creativity and outside-the-box thinking backed up with solid ideas."
--Publishers Weekly

"With the keen insight that 'now' is the new 'new,' Mathieson crafts a must-read work for any marketer who wants to stay relevant, today -- and tomorrow."
--Russell Weiner, Chief Marketing Officer, Domino's Pizza, Inc.

"Witty, insightful, dynamic, and highly inspiring. This book should be required reading for marketers -- or anyone trying to understand how to keep their brand relevant and energized through the rapidly changing consumer landscape. Mathieson has a gifted ability to dig under the breakthrough ideas that are keeping top brands engaged with their current and new consumers, offering key insider takeaways that we all can learn from."
--Alison Moore, Vice President, Brand Strategy & Digital Platforms, HBO

"Today, the 24/7 always-on consumer sees everything as an advert. In this new world of 'consumer time,' marketers need to bond with consumers in ways that go beyond a mere iPhone or gaming application -- just another passing fancy that won't stay relevant. The On-Demand Brand is truly a must-read for marketers who need to cut through the clutter to gain a deeper understanding of their consumers, spot trends, and predict outcomes."
--Conor Brady, Chief Creative Officer, Organic, Inc.

"Absolutely inspiring! Mathieson takes us on a lively journey through the digital marketing universe, with powerful insights into what has worked, what hasn't, and most important -- why. His 10 rules of engagement will spark creativity and inform a new generation of digital marketing initiatives -- including my own. Put simply, The On-Demand Brand is required reading for the digital age."
--Peter Cole, Technology Director, R/GA

Online Reviews

"'The On-Demand Brand' is a great compendium of non-traditional marketing methods -- which may quickly come to be seen as traditional ones."
--Ad Pulp

"Mathieson's book is a good entry point to learning best practices to implementing on-demand. It is a quick read filled with start to finish tips and techniques."
--Suite 101 Marketing/PR

"So, this book isn't some rubber chicken circuit person's 'book me for your next event' promo fluff piece. It's really an advertising industry expert providing insights of various experts who are getting results in the real world."
--Mind Connection