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Unhooked Generation: The Truth About Why We're Still Single Unhooked Generation: The Truth About Why We're Still Single

by Jillian Straus

Book Reviews

"Every man and woman under forty who yearns for a happy, committed relationship must read Jillian Straus's shocking and persuasive exploration of love and love lost among the "Unhooked Generation." This book will give readers the 'aha!' of recognition they have been waiting for. Unmissable."
--Naomi Wolf

"Women will read this book, but men need to. Unhooked Generation is written with fluidity, humor, and a sense of purpose, all of which make it fascinating. In short, Jillian Straus rocks."
--Greg Behrendt, coauthor of He's Just Not That Into You and It's Called a Breakup Because It's Broken

"This is an important book. It will help any single person willing to take it seriously to 'unhook' from the cultural trance about marriage and guide them to lasting love."
--Harville Hendrix, Ph.D., author of Getting the Love You Want

"Unhooked Generation thoroughly and refreshingly explores today's complex and sometimes cruel world of dating."
--Abby Wilner, coauthor of Quarterlife Crisis

"If you want to know why you're still single (and you certainly do) stop asking the question into the mirror. To understand what's really going on, you need to take a journey into the bizarre social landscape of our modern times. And for that trip you need a sharp-eyed and trustworthy guide: None better than Jillian Straus."
--Ethan Watters, author of Urban Tribes

"Readers who begin this book biting their lips and grimacing in recognition will likely finish with  a satisfied -- and hopeful -- smile."
--Pamela Paul, author of The Starter Marriage and the Future of Matrimony

"Unhooked Generation is an authentic and insightful book that forces us to confront the epidemic of lovelessness of today's generation."
--Rabbi Shmuley Boteach, author of Kosher Sex

"Jillian Straus has written an excellent indictment of Generation X's consumerist approach to love. Her critique of the Evil Influences and her recommendations for change are spot-on."
--Po Bronson, author of What Should I Do With My Life?

"This is a book I would give to my patients and friends alike because it normalizes a struggle that millions are facing, making them feel understood, less alone and less crazy!"
--Laura Berman, author of Secrets of the Sexually Satisfied Woman