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Be the Change: How Meditation Can Transform You and the World Be the Change: How Meditation Can Transform You and the World

by Ed Shapiro and Deb Shapiro

Book Reviews

"Ed and Deb Shapiro have gathered together a wide range of people with a variety of experiences of meditation. I strongly recommend anyone interested in meditation not to simply read what these people have to say, but to try it out."
--His Holiness the Dalai Lama, Nobel Peace Prize Laureate

"In this living book Ed and Deb have masterfully woven the many voices into a symphony -- the insights and stories harmonize and contrast with each other in a marvelous rich flow that is both calming and energizing, creating a single collective yet selfless voice."
--Professor Robert Thurman, author of Awakening to Bliss Within

"Meditation can change the world because meditation changes us. The world will not change until we change. The state of the world is the effect; the state of consciousness of human beings is the cause."
--Marianne Williamson, author of A Return to Love and The Age of Miracles

"Who makes problems? We humans. And who is the controller of the human? The mind. And how to control the human mind? Through Meditation. If you can control the pilot, then the pilot can control the plane."
--Yongey Mingyur Rinpoche, bestselling author of Joy of Living and Joyful Wisdom

Online Reviews

"Beginners might yearn for a more 'how to' approach to the subject. But the approach that the authors have taken provides far more insight into what one can accomplish with meditation and the impact it can have on society as a whole -- noting that change may start with the individual but it doesn't necessarily stop there."
--Life Two 

"I don't think the authors are trying to say that sitting cross-legged while thinking self-affirming thoughts is 'absolutely not meditation,' but instead that doing so doesn't cover the gambit of meditation -- it's not the embodiment of meditation, since meditation includes so many different things, fundamentally being some sort of mental connective experience combined with whatever physical method is necessary to achieve that state."
--State of Protest 

"While most books put forth the views of the authors as experts, this book puts forth the views of many experts with the authors as guides to the experience. And it's an experience worth having!"

"Since it's hard for some people to stay still, there are creative tips in Be The Change for meditating while dancing, walking and running. Individuals can try different methods out to see what works for them. Besides moving meditation, sitting and sounding meditation methods are explored in Be The Change."
--Suite 101 Spirituality Books 

"I've seen some people who are concerned that this subject interferes with their religious beliefs. However, reading it I saw just the opposite. It didn't tend to relate to any particular deity, but rather to communicating with our inner selves, and extending that to the deity of our choice. I'd really recommend this book. If you're stressed or anxious, want to change the world, or just change yourself, you'll find something in this book you can use."
--Rhodes Review 

"This is a great book to educate people on the power of meditation to transform lives, and inspire them along their journey. It is filled with many inspiring stories from the Shapiros as well as the contributing authors."
--Basil & Spice

"The fact that the book is filled with amazing stories by so many people and that is educational and enjoyable in itself."
--Bookin' with Bingo 

"I've been interested in Meditation for years and this book is very informative and a great guide. I love the wisdom's from the different luminaries. This book can change the way you think and react to the stresses of every day life. Most people think of meditation as a 'hippy' thing, but it isn't. More and more people are finding that meditation has many health benefits. It gives you the power to live a more peaceful, calmer life."
--Reading at the Beach 

"Be the Change shows how meditation has gone from something that people experimented with as part of a spiritual quest to fairly mainstream. The effects of meditation have been scientifically proven to improve health and body function. Meditation has also been known to change lives. Perhaps, given the chance, the practice can be used to change our world too."
--TCM Reviews 

"The exercises include targeted meditations focusing on specific areas such as clear mind, breath awareness, insight, loving ourselves, forgiveness, daily check-in, and Loving kindness. Be the Change is not a guidebook instructing on how to meditate but rather the what and why of meditation. Curious readers will discover multiple pathways through which they can further pursue meditation. As for me, I plan to investigate available meditation classes."
--Blog Critics