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Ask Now the Beasts: Our Kinship with Animals Wild and Domestic Ask Now the Beasts: Our Kinship with Animals Wild and Domestic

by Ruth Rudner

Book Reviews

"You don't have to live with dogs or horses, backpack in the wilderness or stay at a raptor center to be totally beguiled by this vivid book. Rudner writes unsentimentally but with true sentiment about a wide variety of creatures -- falcons, seals, penguins, coyotes, bears, even gorillas -- to say nothing of dogs she has loved to the ends of their lives. Horses are everywhere in these pages, patiently serving in pack trains and under saddle. And they are also at liberty, galloping joyously across their open spaces, pure grace in motion. Pure grace in motion is how I see this fine book."
--Maxine Kumin, Pulitzer Prize winning poet, author of Jack and Other New Poems

"Here are spirited stories from a woman who follows animals with the wise eye of her heart -- from Antarctic penguins to Yellowstone wolves and coyotes, from a bewildered dog in Havasu Canyon to brave peregrine falcons and bald eagles. Whether she is snubbed by ducks, sure-footedly guided by her horses, enchanted by a newborn gorilla, or frightened by a boxer dog named Yogi -- Rudner speaks for all of us who cherish interspecies kinship: 'It is not anthropomorphizing to fall in love,' she writes. 'It is simply falling in love,' An inspiring and life-giving book."
--Brenda Peterson, author of Build Me an Ark: A Life with Animals

"Ruth Rudner is a writer of breathtaking sweep. In these pages, she writes, with brilliance and wisdom, about what really matters: the connection between people and the rest of animate creation. Whether she is showing us how to pull a string of mules, or how a peregrine falcon brought her the sky, every one of her stories surprises with shocking beauty and timeless truth. I read this book in one sitting, but will continue to think about her words for a very long time."
--Sy Montgomery, author-swineherd, The Good Good Pig: The Extraordinary Life of Christopher Hogwood  

"It is not necessarily rare to encompass fact with feeling. But Ruth Rudner encompasses both, and with wisdom, wise and strong. Ask Now the Beasts is a thoroughly engaging read."
--Bernd Heinrich, PhD, author of Mind of the Raven and Winter World

"One of the warmest, most charming, generous, humorous books about animals I have read. Like listening in on a lovely, lively, passionate fireside chat about animals with a wise and kindly keen observer."
--Jeffrey Masson, PhD, author of When Elephants Weep: The Emotional Lives of Animals