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Excuse Me, Your Life Is Waiting: The Astonishing Power of Feelings Excuse Me, Your Life Is Waiting: The Astonishing Power of Feelings

by Lynn Grabhorn

Book Reviews

"If you had told me what this book was about, you know I would have passed. But as early as chapter three, I found things changing in my life. Good grief, Lynn, this stuff is dynamite!"
--J.S., Bank President

". . . and already the dollar flow has reversed itself, with more coming in than going out."
--M.P., Employment Counselor

"I can't believe it. In the three months since reading this, I've almost doubled my sales and settled a couple of long-standing problems in my marriage. I'm recommending this book to management."
--O.T., Regional Sales Manager

"Our whole family is doing this, and the change in  our circumstances has been profound. This is the missing link I've been looking for my entire life."
--G.W., Housewife

"It's as though this author has grabbed us up, offered to buy us lunch, and can't wait to share this exciting, cosmically guaranteed method for getting absolutely every goodie we ever wanted. Beyond positive thinking, beyond visioning and imaging, here we learn to live above our normal "default setting" and feeeel and vibrate on a higher level, perfecting the Law of Attraction that brings lots of really good stuff our way."
--NAPRA Review

"Beware! Worry and fear can draw to you exactly the kind of experience you most hope to avoid, and as author Lynn Grabhorn reminds us, it is all too easy to slip into almost unconscious negative thinking patterns. But Grabhorn won't let this happen to you! She won't let you slip into victim-hood, or snooze through your unlivable life. With her highly motivational theories, tips, and guides, she explains the ever-popular law of "Vibrational Attraction" with a new twist, and invites you to become the creator of your own bliss."
--Bodhi Tree

"This was a very good book. That may be a rather simple statement, yet in fact, I feel that Excuse Me Your Life is Waiting is one of the three all time best books I have ever read! Lynn Grabhorn has written a great self-help, psychology book. Real people like you and I can instantly understand the concepts in it and reap huge rewards. Excuse Me Your Life is Waiting has two strategies. One of these strategies is to give you a totally flexible system of thought allowing you to feel genuinely good. The other is to build within yourself a state of being which constantly attracts positive energy to all aspects of your life. Grabhorn's system is incredibly simple and incredibly attractive."
--Magical Blend