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The Audacity of Help: Obama's Economic Plan and the Remaking of America The Audacity of Help: Obama's Economic Plan and the Remaking of America

by John Wasik

Book Reviews

"No crystal ball -- even President Obama's -- can ever be perfect, but veteran business journalist John Wasik has experience in following economic intent through to economic reality. Wasik has taken the time to carefully sort out the impact of a stimulus program destined to be a significant page in history books."
--Andrew Leckey, Reynolds Business Journalism Chair, Walter Cronkite School, Arizona State University, and syndicated investment columnist for Tribune Media Services, Inc.

"Wasik has that rarest of abilities -- to combine political philosophy with personal finance. He shows the Obama Administration and they taxpayer alike a path out of the economic fog. Wasik's critique without rage sheds light on a way forward for the administration."
-- Amity Shlaes, Senio Columnist, Bloomberg News

Online Reviews

“In the book Audacity of Help - Obama's Economic Plan and the Remaking of America, by John F. Wasik, the author emphasizes what drives Obama is his 'concept of economic equality'. Wasik says that 'Fortunately, Obama is a uniquely qualified expert on economic violence' referring to Obama's community organizing in Chicago. Wasik questions whether Obama will ' . . . create a new form of government -- guided by compassionate social capitalism otherwise known as Obamanomics?' . . . . Addicts, when high on their drug of choice, often have visions of grandeur, seeing themselves as better than others, more qualified, on a higher level that others -- perhaps with a messiah complex. They don't want to be questioned or confronted with the truth.  They believe that others are out to get them, even to the point of being paranoid.” 
--Right Truth 

“The author does a good job of presenting the campaign promises of Obama, them comparing them with the bills that have emerged from Congress. By doing so he presents the most in-depth presentation I have read on the details of the stimulus package and the subsequent budget bill.” 
--History Central 

“For all of the President Obama haters out there, this book is not a Pro-Obama book. It’s actually a good read whatever your political persuasion might be.” 
--The Desultory Life & Times 

“The most valuable aspect of this book, however, is the concise, straightforward analysis of where and how Congress is and is not fulfilling the mission the American people elected President Obama to carry out. It would make a great handbook for anyone wanting to write to their Senators and Representatives and/or to the letters-to-the-editor section of their newspapers and magazines to urge that specific, meaningful reforms be enacted.”
--Library Thing Margad’s Review 

“This is a lively and relevant look at the critical turning point in American history we’ve lived with in the past year. Wasik’s meticulous research in The Audacity of Help provides an analysis of all Obama’s major promises, then looks at what legislation was actually passed by Congress. Going further, the book shows who benefits most from various legislation, and what needs to be done next.”
--Blog Critics

"If you are a 'political blogger', Left or Right, order a copy of The Audacity of Help today, it's an invaluable, factual 'scorecard' on the domestic agenda of the administration of President Barack Obama, especially the outcome stimulus package and the positions of all the players, executive vs. legislative, promises vs. reality and Democrat vs. Republican. The appendix and bibliographic resources alone will be fodder for many a blog post."

"Mr. Wasik does not appear to favor any one of our political parties in his writing of The Audacity Of Help. Most of this book is dedicated to talking about what candidate Obama promised on the campaign trail and comparing that to what President Obama and congress are accomplishing thus far into his presidency. John Wasik tackles the questions about who wins/loses with regard to proposed legislation in the areas of energy, taxation, education, stimulus funding, and healthcare. His analogies are thorough and well researched. He points out which sectors may benefit investors in each proposal floated by this Administration and why he believes that to be the case."
--Book Pleasures 

"The Audacity of Help covers a very short period of time. Obama has been President of the United States of America for nine months and we have hundreds of thousands, potentially millions, of Americans -- Republicans, Democrats, Independents -- taking to the streets in protest of what Obama has already done and what he plans to do to change America.  I'm wondering if John F. Wasik will be writing follow-up books each year Obama is President?"
--Right Truth 

"The benefits to the investor is the most important part of The Audacity of Help: Obama's Economic Plan and the Remaking of America, providing what stock sectors and industries will benefit from these changes. A good rundown of what's happening in Washington and how it will affect the economy."

"What a timely book. The Audacity of Help by John F. Wasik is one of the most comprehensive books about Barack Obama's Economic Plan and his vision for America. Wasik is no slouch. Unlike many so-called experts, Wasik is uniquely qualified to write this book having spent time studying and following President Obama for years."
--Black Man in America