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The World According to Twitter The World According to Twitter

by David Pogue

Book Reviews

"Twitter indeed is one big global mixer, with millions of conversations happening all at once. Naturally most of them are insipid, have you never been to a cocktail party?"
--David Weir, BNet

Online Reviews

"I haven't had a lot to laugh about lately, so when I poured into this book, I laughed harder than I can remember! I can't wait to share this great book with friends and family who also need a pick me up."
--My Geek Voice 

"Pogue tells readers that it takes about a week of using Twitter to actually 'get it.' He demonstrated how powerful it was by tweeting during a talk he was giving and asking his followers for a cure for hiccups which he got many answers within seconds of posting the question."
--What's Write Today 

"Pogue's idea was to use Twitter to pose such questions as 'What's the best bumper sticker?' or 'What's your strangest habit?' resulting in 'The World According to Twitter'. The result is an irreverent read combined with a grand social networking experiment." 
--Wesley Hein, Life Two 

"This is what I call a time capsule book. It's perfectly of the moment, as when there were lots of books on internet communities and horror stories about hackers in the mid-90s, but it will seem outdated immensely quickly. In the meantime, though, it'll catch the eye of lots of people who either know Twitter, and get the concept, or those who have heard about it and want to see more.  It's a good selection for a bathroom or other pick-up-and-put-down dipping location. Each question (of 87) has 2-4 pages of responses, selected to be the most entertaining. Many of them are. My favorite questions were the geeky ones."
---Comics Worth Reading 

"The World According to Twitter is a marvelous book and a fantastic social networking experiment in which tens of thousands of voices have come together to produce a humorous, thought-provoking record of shared human experience." 
--Employee Factor 

"But hey, it's fun. It captures the sheer randomness, and occasional brilliance, of the folks who populate Twitter. Plus, since each section is only 2 pages long, it makes the perfect successor to Uncle John's Bathroom Reader."
--Ad Pulp

"Later, I thought how can I as a new blogger turn down an offer to review a book that is so connected to an aspect of communication which is connected to blogging?"
--Layer of Thought 

"While Twitter may seem like it wastes time to some people, it can be a rich source of social interaction and public opinion. David Pogue shows us just how useful and fun Twitter can be in his book, The World According to Twitter."
--Suzanne Pitner, Suite 101 Media Literacy 

"If you thought some of these lines were great, than you have to check out The World According to Twitter. It will have you talking and sharing it with your friends. I even had my husband reading parts of this book and laughing."
--Cheryl's Book Nook 

"There are so many great questions and even greater answers. I've read this book 2-3 times already. I marvel at the wisdom, the honesty, the determination, the smarts, the stories that are shared and the people who chose to share them to create . . . something unique and delightful for more people to share. But, the best thing I can say about this book? 'Goodbye. I want to re-read this book, again, for the 4th time.' 
--Zane Safrit 

"This certainly isn't a must-have book, but if there's a reader of bathroom books in your life, then this may be just the gift for them. (Be sure to note the cool flip movie in the book's margins.)"
--Book Blog

"Who says social media has to be so serious all the time? David Pogue has a new book, The World According to Twitter that puts a fun spin on the use of this social media site."
--60 Second Online University 

"The book is perfect for flipping through when you need a laugh, or for leaving in the guest room for when friends come over to visit."
--Phil Gerbyshak

"Perfect bathroom material, right? One problem. It's too funny. Which means you'll want to keep reading the next question and the next question." Web Trends 

"What a tweet, er, I mean treat this book is. I belong to Twitter but to be honest with you, knew very little about it until I read this book. It gave me a much better view of what Tweeting is all about. And while I learned a little, I laughed a lot. The book is divided into side splitting silly stuff!"
--Bookin' with Bingo 

"This is the type of book to flip through while waiting at the doctor’s office, while sitting on the toilet (if you are the type of person who requires reading material in the bathroom), or to put in a living room, dorm room, or your cubicle at work to spark conversations."
--Steele on Entertainment