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Now What? 90 Days to a New Life Direction Now What? 90 Days to a New Life Direction

by Laura Berman Fortgang

Book Reviews

"This is it -- a turbocharged, high-energy, stripped-to-the-core distillation of key insights and practices to truly move you forward. After reading Laura's loving and potent guidance, you can't help creating the life you yearn for."
--Jennifer Louden, author of Comfort Secrets for Busy Women and creator of

"Is this book delivers just ten percent of the power of Laura's coaching, it will be worth thousands of times the price."
--Mark Bryan, coauthor of The Artist's Way at Work

Online Reviews

“I feel this book will be helpful to many people. There are not many young people like the quarterback for the Arizona State football team. Besides football, he is involved in many activities. His mother said of him, "He's present in his life and doing the things he loves. Know who you are and match that with what you're doing. I have admiration for who he is as a person aside from all the things he's doing. He's an interesting kid with a lot of depth. He doesn't do anything that isn't easy to support." Well there you have it. But how many of us are like that? Not many. And he's young. Time changes many things.  Think you need some changes in your life? Check out Now What?. It will help.”- Musing of a Minister 

“I think it's a great book to keep on your desk or in your bag for easy reference, because the author writes with contagious energy-she walks the talk-and you can feel it, and as I read through, I couldn't help but wish that I could hear her speak in person. I guess I like the way she says things too. :-)” - Dixie, A Few of My Favorite Things

“There was one passage that really struck me. The was this one section about rediscovering childhood talents. I remembered that I had some creative ability. I used to carry a sketchbook and colored pencils around with me. I had no idea what I used to draw or what I used to draw. I had thrown all of it out in a fit of infantile rage. I asked my mother and she said that I used to design clothes and that one of my drawings had been used as a base for my cousin’s bridesmaid dresses. I had no idea. I might go back and do some more drawing. I never realized it was missing until I remembered.” -Grace’s Book Blog

“Give yourself the gift of literary life-coaching with Laura. She will help you find your purpose in life, which is most frequently right under your nose, and she’ll teach you how to find and live your life blueprint. It turns out that for most of us it isn’t how much we make, but how much we contribute to the happiness of others that gives us the greatest satisfaction.” - Basil and Spice Lynette Fleming 

“Now What?: 90 Days to a New Life Direction (Published by the Penguin Group, ISBN: 1585423211) is well organized, detailed and structured into easy to understand steps for discovering new directions in life. The great thing about this book is that it also manages to keep it fun and wraps it up in 90 days.”- Self Help/ Personal Growth Suite 101 Sandra Williams 

“MY THOUGHTS: I don't usually read how to books. But this one grabbed me for some reason. Maybe it's because I am about to take a drastic change in my job or personal problems, who knows! I didn't actually do the exercises, well I did a couple of them, just to see what would happen. If you are looking for a way to figure out what you want to do with your life, need some encouragement, or just wonder about it, this is the book for you. There's lots of useful information to find out what it is you want to do with your life. There are also lots of inspiring stories my Ms. Fortgang.” - Sherries Books

“Each chapter corresponds to a week – so she carries the “90 days” theme through. follow-through is something that scores high in my books (it pleases me when things harmonize).” - Change Therapy 

“Probably one of the aspects that really made NOW WHAT? a winner to me was Fortgang’s writing. It could have been very easy for her to use flowery words and tell us that everything would be okay. Instead, she is very frank with her writing. She discusses the fact that we might think that making a change will take too long or is too hard. Her response is basically, so what? She admits that yes, it’s going to be hard; yes, it might take a while and it is even possible that her plan might not work for every individual on the planet. Anything that is worth working on, however, is going to take time and energy. I love that Fortgang was able to be so honest and up front with that. It made her and her book much more credible in my opinion.”- A Journey of Books

“What I like best is Fortgang's professionalism. As an author and a coach, she makes her book about you, the reader; as any type of coaching or teaching should be. Even the stories she tells about herself are told as mere examples, with how they might contribute to your process in mind. And she makes sure to establish early on that there are practical limitations on the coaching/self-coaching process: she describes issues that coaching can't address, issues you should explore with professionals in psychology. She encourages you to make sure that it is coaching you need first and not therapy.”- Super Performance

“If you're looking for a rah-rah book to jazz you up, this isn't it. But if you're serious about making life changes, then you should get this book. Even if you decide not to commit to a twelve-week program, it can make a difference for you. Take the self-assessment quiz and turn to the chapter(s) that most apply to you and just work those. If you later decide to do the whole twelve-week program, you always have that option.”- Mindconnection, Mark Lamendola

“These are remarkable insights and should be shared. The stories of change a terrific and encouraging. It will be interesting to see what happens after 90 days.

I do need a new Life Blueprint, but fear I am that old dog that cannot learn a new trick. (self imposed limit) I will be using the book and doing the work and I may even share my progress with you.”- Joe Mama

“Now What is filled with revealing insights that run counter to conventional wisdom. For instance, Berman Fortgang notes that just because you are good at something doesn’t mean you have to do it. Rather having a strong connection to the field/skill is the key factor. In addition, Now What deftly navigates the logistics of starting over such as how to afford a career change or what to do if your new path involves significant educational preparation.  In these turbulent economic times, with new corporate lay offs announced daily, Now What may be just what the doctor ordered.” -Metro Reader

“For many it is a revelation. I especially liked her exercise called: Write Your Fiction. The idea is to write different scenarios that are possible ways to get from where you are to where you want to be. The scenarios can be practical or as crazy as you want them to be. All of the exercises are creative, revealing and some are just plain fun.

There is an excellent Nuts and Bolts Section in the back that lists all sorts of helpful resources. Now What? is an easy to use guide in changing your life-so what are you waiting for? You may be surprised what the future can hold for you.”- Merry Weather

“Perhaps for me, the most significant exercise was looking at my own history and noticing the patterns. Then, going one step further to realize what these things said about me. Instantly, I had an a-ha moment where I knew without a doubt that I was on the right track. I saw the big picture and knew where all the little pieces fit.”- TCM Reviews

“Her book talks about much more than just coping with changes and finding your way through uncertainty and back into gainful employment. She expertly weaves into the delicate territory of what it means to be human – and how that meaning can shine light on our personal journeys of work and play. “- The Examiner, Suzanna Stinnett

“Gaining clarity around life purpose is fundamental to any self improvement program. Many people are fearful and overwhelmed at the seeming enormity of dealing with their life purpose. The author overcomes this by gently leading the reader into the topic in week one with exercises addressing what the reader dislikes about her current life.”- Suite 101 Personal Development, Jerry Lopper

“I tend to "shy" away from self help books as I read mostly for relaxation! This book grabbed me as soon as I read a synopsis! Its a practical guide for moving your life into a new direction. I think the timing is perfect as there are so many people who are currently unemployed and have no idea what to do next.” Good Reads, Evy Harlequin

“she helps the reader take a step by step approach to discovering what is missing in your life and then what steps to take to realize your dreams. I read the book quickly for this review, but I'm starting it over again and following the steps she outlines.”- Write Bravely

“ Keep a highlighter handy as you work through this book. There is so much wisdom and passages you'll want to return to again and again. Moving past issues with loss, divorce, and financial problems, the author teaches us that moving on is taking the good along with you. And, here, in ninety days, you can do exactly that.”- Blog Critics, Helen Gallagher