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How to Achieve a Heaven on Earth: 101 Insightful Essays from the World's Greatest Thinkers, Leaders, and Writers How to Achieve a Heaven on Earth: 101 Insightful Essays from the World's Greatest Thinkers, Leaders, and Writers

by John E. Wade II

Book Reviews

"Powerful, engaging, inspiring! This diverse collection of essays makes real the possibility of heaven on earth."
--Meagan O'Nan, author, Creating Your Heaven on Earth

"How to Achieve a Heaven on Earth is an inspiring and uplifting book. It is a thoughtful compilation of essays and other works that address the key elements of life in today's world."
--Peter Ashenden, president/CEO, Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance

"This book is a miscellany of experiences and ideas from well-known people such as Mother Teresa and Warren Buffett as well as ordinary people who have had extraordinary experiences. They will inform and inspire you . . . and perhaps lead you to become one of those people who creates solutions for others and for the world instead of just complaining about the problems."
--Michael Norton, author, 365 Ways to Change the World

Online Reviews

"The intent is to achieve world peace, so a reader from any country would benefit from the essays. They are uplifting personal stories from all over the world that offer ideas to everyone about how they can contribute towards creating a heaven on earth in their own communities."
--Spirituality Books at Suite 101

"I think it's a book that everyone should read. It doesn't matter whether you're conservative or liberal, Democrat or Republican, Foreign or Domestic, you'll find something in this book that will give you ideas on how you can make a difference in the world."
--Rhode's Review

"The essays were the perfect length, each only a few pages, to read in one quick sitting. Overall this was quite well done and interesting and everyone should be able to find at least a few of the essays enlightening."
--Beth's Book Review Blog

"Edited by John E. Wade II, How to Achieve a Heaven on Earth:101 Insightful Essays from the World's Greatest Thinkers, Leaders, and Writers is a great collection of articles delivered by a heavyweight of contributors. It's based on the ten elements presented by Soldiers of Love, a charity designed to help create a heaven on earth."
--Spirituality Growth at Suite 101

"How to Achieve a Heaven on Earth tackles the momentous question of what each of us can do to improve our community, our country, and our world, one step at a time."
--Pooh's Corner

"One other thing I'll say about this one is that it is a great book to read in snippets. The vast majority of the essays are only two or three pages in length, so I would just read a few essays each time I sat down with the book, stretching it out over a couple of weeks of reading. It isn't a book I would have wanted to rush, as I enjoyed taking the time to digest every essay I read."
--Book Addiction

"If you are interested in social issues, care about making the world a better place, or just enjoy reading essays, I would definitely recommend How To Achieve A Heaven On Earth. It is a sweet book about the little ways that we can all make a difference."
-- Basil and Spice

"Let me share three great titles that could provide similar inspiration for you. I just love all three of these books for the insight they bring to life, business and careers. How to Achieve A Heaven on Earth: 101 Insightful Essays from the World's Greatest Thinkers, Leaders, and Writers, edited by John E. Wade"
--Leading Reads

"If you are interested in social issues, and how you can make an impact in today's world, this is the book for you! I highly recommend it! If you check out the How To Achieve website, you will also find some great resources."
--A Mom After God's Own Heart

"This is a very interesting book and while I am not yet completely through it I have learned so much as each essay reflects and elaborates on one or more of the ten elements of a heaven on earth: peace, security, freedom, democracies, prosperity, spiritual harmony, racial harmony, ecological harmony, and health, as well as moral purpose and meaning. In most, if not all, of these basic characteristics, positive results in one engender improvements in the others. I enjoyed reading what I have so far and am looking forward to completing this intriguing book. I also recommend it to everyone."
--The Dirty TShirt

"The volume does make for interesting reading because of the thought provoking nature of the topic."
--Conservative Monitor

"As I was reading the essays, I was thinking this could easily be a textbook for some classes. I am working towards one of my many dreams of being a teacher. I will use this one in class for inspiration. I am the geeky type and I loved this one!"
--Geek Girl Reviews

"In the meantime, 'How to Achieve a Heaven on Earth' merits praise for raising the question of how each of us can live purposefully. It's one of those increasingly rare books that promotes introspection, and it's the kind of book that you can gleam insight from whether you take it off of the shelf for a couple of minutes or a couple of hours."
--Life Two

"How easy it is, while reading the morning paper or listening to the evening news, to become so depressed or feel so hopeless and helpless. Yet, within the pages of this book are messages of hope . . . directions for achieving what would indeed be a heaven on earth. Therein lies the challenging part. The essays in How to Achieve a Heaven on Earth do not, for me, offer up 'pie in the sky' . . . 'have a cup of tea and don't worry' solutions for what ails us. Rather, they challenge us to THINK . . . and to take action to make the world a better place for all. I have a little saying . . . which I often say to myself . . . it is 'Pray for a good harvest . . . but don't put down your hoe'. Reading the essays in this wonderful book reinforced that for me. Whenever I get disheartened now or feel like tossing my hoe in the ditch . . . I know that there will be a message for me in How to Achieve a Heaven on Earth. I sincerely thank Mr. John E. Wade II for this marvelous work."
--One More Foggy Notion

"Each one of the 101 essays is not only well written but also intriguing and insightful. I highly recommend How to Achieve Heaven on Earth to anyone looking for an insightful look at many of the major issues facing society today or merely to read some rather brilliant essays."

"More than a hundred minds poured wisdom and advice into this book . . . Their message is one: heaven on earth can be achieved. John E. Wade II published this book to inspire all of us to do our part."
--Our Simple Joys

"The title, 'How to Achieve Heaven on Earth: 101 insightful essays from the world's greatest thinkers, leaders and writers' pretty much says it all. It's a great compilation and one of those books you will probably walk away from feeling a little more enlightened."
--Curious Villager

"This 347 page creative collection was a pleasure to review. One focus with many voices, all straightforward and deeply concerned about Mother Earth and all that inhabit her. My heart just filled so full it felt like it was gonna burst as I read one blessed essay after another, kinda like spiritual candies. I loved the format, it was simple and broken down into topics like peace, security, spiritual harmony, freedom, health and many more. . . . I would recommend this magnificent and majestic masterpiece to anyone who wants some powerful words on some tough topics. Thanks John, for bringing us this major labor of love."
--Mystic Living Today

"There's plenty for everyone among the 101 pieces chosen for the book.The essays are just two or three pages long, the perfect length for reading during a coffee break. Plus, the book would make an ideal graduation gift for college students!"
--Light Green Stairs

"This book is one which you can read from front to back, or you can pick it up, open it and just read one essay. The essays are short and to the point. The preface written by John Wade II is a great summary of why and how the book came about. Certainly a book that will inspire you and give you lots to think about. We highly recommend this book; you will find it inspiring and full of ideas. You will find ideas that you can put into motion to make a heaven on earth."
--Wow 4 U

"This book is an inspirational view on achieving happiness or contentment from your life. With the collection of essays, some even written by people we can all name, they do hit on the right topics."
--Freda's Voice