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Gary Goldschneider's Everyday Astrology: How to Make Astrology Work for You Gary Goldschneider's Everyday Astrology: How to Make Astrology Work for You

by Gary Goldschneider

Book Reviews

"I'm not a believer in Astrology, however I do read my horoscope from time to time for the entertainment value. I like to see how 'right' it might be. So when I was contacted to review this book, I jumped at the chance to see how my Gemini husband tends to handle finances, how best to discipline my Scorpio child, how to manage my Capricorn mother-in-law, or how to ask my Aries father for money. I thought that this would be interesting. I read and read and read and before I knew it, I was finished reading about all the members of my family, my friends, and my co-workers (those of whom I knew birthdays). Goldschneider's book was thoroughly enjoyable, even if for nothing more than entertainment."
--Kristina's Favorites

Online Reviews

"We admit we've had a long time fascination with astrology, and were very intrigued with this book which helps you understand the people around you. While traditional astrologists focus on your personal sign, Gary Goldschneider takes a different approach by focusing on the zodiac signs of the people around you."
--Three Tomatoes

"I think this is a great gift for some teens that are really into astrology and it is a fun reference to have around as you meet potential soul mates and friends."
--Radical Parenting 

"Everyday Astrology is more than a 'what's in the stars for me' book, it is guidebook to help you better understand sun sign personalities and act accordingly on what you have learned. If you keep an open mind, this book can help you take a peek into your bosses head so you will have an idea when and how to ask for a raise."
--Bella Online 

"This is one book I will refer back to over and over again, I'm sure."
--Simple Kind of Life
"I've always gotten a kick out of astrology. Not horoscopes ('Today, beware of obstacles in your path.' Really?), but the uncanny way that personality traits do seem to cluster under particular signs of the zodiac."
--Zen of Motherhood 

"Everyday Astrology is perhaps the most perfect astrology book that I have found. It is neither too complex or too simple, too hokey or too high-brow. This book has replaced my other astrology books as my go to guide for astrology. It is highly recommended. Grade: A"

"The book, which is well-written and easy to navigate, was quite enjoyable. As the holiday season approaches, keep this book in mind when considering gift ideas."
--A Woman's Journey 

"This book was a great one to add to my collection and it gave me a lot of insight in to how to deal with everyone. I loved it and I recommend it to everyone, especially those with an interest in Astrology."
--The Dirty T shirt 

"The nature of a book like this is that you naturally explore it over time. Looking up some of the important people in my life certainly gave me some insight (occasionally terrifying insight), and I *really* appreciate all the different categories."
--Everyday Goddess 

"Everyday Astrology gives you exactly what it claims to . . . bits of information to help you everyday. The bits of information are broken into sections. Sections that are viable in today's world."
--Blue Heron Creek 

"I thought this book was interesting. It is broken down into a really easy to use format and filed with insightful information. I read my horoscope just about everyday and I enjoyed thumbing through this guide. The cover of the book and jacket design are appealing and make it an ideal birthday gift for the friend or co-worker that is hard to buy for. Whether you take astrology seriously and want to gain some serious insight or just want to learn a little bit more about your sign Goldschneider's latest book delivers."
--A Blog of Books 

"Whether you want to read more about yourself, your significant other, or how to deal with someone of a particular sun sign, this book can't hurt!"
--Mamas Money Savers 

"The book is quite cleverly organized such that the reader can choose a target based on sign and relationship to the reader, and then turn right to the section on how Goldschneider suggests the reader deal with that person."
--State of Protest