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Spilled Milk: Breastfeeding Adventures and Advice from Less-Than-Perfect Moms Spilled Milk: Breastfeeding Adventures and Advice from Less-Than-Perfect Moms

by Andy Steiner

Book Reviews

"Finally! A commonsense book on breastfeeding that abandons dreary, holier-than-thou approaches and instead embraces what's loving, healthy, and wonderful about one of the coolest ways to raise your baby. Just relax, get real, and take the practical, lovely advice from mom Andy Steiner. You'll be fine!"
--Pamela Hill Nettleton, editor, Beginnings: Pregnancy, Birth, and Beyond and mother of three children (all breastfed, all healthy, all grown, none of them chain saw murderers)

"Like a rollicking conversation with your best girlfriends -- honest, intimate, and hilarious -- Andy Steiner's down-to-earth guide to breastfeeding is a refreshing blend of straight talk and practical wisdom."
--Karen Olson, editor, Utne magazine

"If you're having a baby, do yourself a favor -- ditch some of the mommy manuals and read this instead."
--Monika Bauerlein, senior editor, Mother Jones

"Andy Steiner is the woman to turn to for all the nursing issues that get glossed over. In the weirdly political world of breastfeeding, Steiner stands out as a sympathetic compadre. She knows the difficulties, the rewards, and the judgments that come with infant feeding."
--Jennifer Niesslein and Stephanie Wilkinson, editors, Brain, Child: The Magazine for Thinking Mothers

"In this spirited mamafesto, Andy Steiner boldly and wisely challenges myths not only about the process and protocol of breastfeeding itself, but about what our culture expects -- often unfairly -- of its mothers. Steiner and her fellow breastfeeders share their stories of both the joys and the, well, letdowns of lactation in voices that are so blunt, sassy, and loving you'll want to keep them around even after the breast pumps and nursing bras are packed away."
--Andi Zeisler, editor, Bitch magazine

"This is not your mother's how-to book about breastfeeding! Andy Steiner is a fresh voice: lively, informative, sassy, personal. The result is a book that will empower and comfort women who are breastfeeding, or thinking about it, and will even engage and inform those who aren't."
--Mollie Hoben, founding publisher, Minnesota Women's Press

"Andy Steiner's brave and honest book is a helpful companion during the tenuous process of learning to nurse, and learning to accept the social awkwardness about exposing our breasts that ironically pervades our culture. I smiled in recognition and was heartened by her attitude and suggestions."
--Nanci Olesen, producer and host, MOMbo, a radio resource for moms

"This is a wonderfully wide-ranging book. Women who love breastfeeding, those who find it incredibly difficult, strange or painful; and those who don't yet know what they will decide or experience, will all feel welcome in Spilled Milk . . . If you've ever breastfed, or thought you might, this is a book you'll want to read." --Faulkner Fox, author, Dispatches from a Not-So-Perfect Life

"Instead of guilting moms with 'best for baby' moralizing, Steiner serves up a warm chat-fest of real-life mama experiences that help readers make fully-informed choices. And because of its big-picture look at breastfeeding's impact on sex, love, and life in general, this book provides an engaging preview of life during Babytime that any would-be mom will prize."
--Helen Cordes, editor, Daughters magazine

"I loved this book. It's humorous, honest, and empowering without being unrealistic. It paints a very full, complex, and real picture of what it's like to breastfeed -- and that's exactly what moms need."
--Nancy Gruver, founder and publisher, New Moon Magazine

"Spilled Milk is filled with the voices of the wise and witty girlfriends I wish I had had when my first baby was born and I was struggling to keep the milk bar open 'round the clock. It's warm, compassionate, funny, and just the thing for a late-night nurse-a-thon."
--Beth Hawkins, senior editor, City Pages (Minneapolis)

"Wise, witty, deliciously reassuring. The perfect pick-me-up for mothers convinced that they're the only ones on the planet who are doing it wrong -- which is pretty much all of us."
--Barbara Graham, author, Women Who Run with the Poodles

"A deliciously important book. Myth-busting and empowering, this is the real deal about nursing from real moms."
--Ariel Gore, editor, Hip Mama