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Acting Class: Take A Seat Acting Class: Take A Seat

by Milton Katselas

Book Reviews

"One book can make a difference and this is it."
--George C. Scott, Oscar Award-Winning Actor

"What's great about the book is that it's a great reference guide to acting. Milton has a pragmatic approach, based on how you get work as opposed to 'this is how I feed my narcissist's need to perform.'"
--Tony Danza, Who's The Boss, Taxi

"Milton gave me great advice which has served me well."
--Gene Hackman, Two-time Oscar Award-Winning Actor

"I worked with Milton for many years . . . What I loved about working with Milton was that he prepared actors so that you're a little bit director-proof. You learn to be your own director."
--Michelle Pfeiffer, Three-time Oscar Nominated Actress (on Inside The Actors Studio)

"When a man is so instrumental in developing our technique, nurturing a 'gift' and even the spiritual aspects of the craft of acting -- what does one say?"
--Patrick Swayze, Dirty Dancing, Ghost

"The brilliance and insight of Milton Katselas has changed my life."
--Doris Roberts, Five-time Emmy Award-Winning Actress

"Milton Katselas is everything you need in a professional acting teacher. Smart and opinionated. Creative and caring. But most of all, Katselas is clear."
--Alec Baldwin, 30 Rock, The Cooler, The Departed

"What I remember about the workshop I took with Milton was not only the precision of his eye in critiquing, but also a compassion for the actor's process as they faced themselves every class in that timeless search for the truth."
--Chris Noth, Sex In The City, Law & Order