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She-Rain: A Story of Hope She-Rain: A Story of Hope

by George Michael Cogdill

Book Reviews

"Beautiful novel! Such gorgeous prose, such singing speech. So Southern in its music and perfect word choice. You write like no other living Southerner. She-Rain is so exquisitely sounded out on the page that I find myself muttering certain passages out loud to myself -- common enough when I read poetry, but rarely prose. Bravo!"
--Actor/Writer/Director, Peter MacNicol

Online Reviews

"If you are a fan of Southern novels, stories of redemption and survival, you will like this book. Coghill's [sic] portrayal of a southern mill town full of people struggling to eke out a living in the 1930's is very vivid. Add to this the racial intolerance of the times, illiteracy, and domestic abuse. In all this chaos, Frank finds love and hope. The lessons Sophia and Mary L. teach Frank about friendship, love, respect, compassion, and tolerance help him as he tries to overcome a childhood of poverty and abuse. The book was excruciatingly sad at times and the plot turned in ways I didn't expect towards the end but altogether it was an enjoyable story."
--Kat Bryans Corner

"The beauty of Michael Cogdill's She-Rain isn't that it's just another captivating story. Most significantly, the entire book reads like a poem. Many of the lines I've read again and again because of the imagery they suggest. Cogdill describes the misty haze that lingers above the valleys and forests of the Carolina Mountains as 'She-Rain . . . A little tear off a heaven gown.' The allegories in this tale are stunning. Intense summer heat inside an automobile becomes -- 'hotter than hell's burnt biscuits;' a town doctor becomes -- 'an Infernal bald-headed sawbone . . . whole town could catch the hydrophobee before we find him;' an outburst of anger -- 'I rose, swearing fire . . . flame-cured wrath . . . the words would have crackled off that rock in a hail of sparks thick enough to set the woods to roaring fire.'"
--Blog Critics

"Although I finished this book a few days ago, I still am breathless by this most unforgettable novel. This is a book that I will be keeping in my permanent collection and will be read again and again. I honestly won't be surprised, if in years to come, it becomes a classic. It is truly a treasure that should not be missed. This is a must to add to this year's reading list."
--Just One More Paragraph

"This story reads like none other I have experienced. Cogdill's word choice, imagery and prose capture each event and unfold it in a mesmerizing way."
--Sara Says

"I loved the 'voice' of this book so much! The story is so beautifully written and a pleasure to read. Each character is crafted so perfectly. Each page immerses you deeper and deeper into a great love story."
--Must Read Faster

"She-Rain is a tragic story of hope and endurance. The characters inside the pages are alive enough to find a place in reader's hearts long after the last page is turned."
--Read it and...

"Michael Cogdill has created a world of beauty where many might see only ugliness and prejudice. He makes no apologies, he just tells the story, from his heart. She-Rain is a book that will challenge the reader's own preconceived views of how to tell a story, and how a story should unfold. It's one that is very difficult to put down once started. It's not just the plot line, it is the way of telling that condemns the reader to an all-nighter, and leaves one wanting more. Well done, Mr. Cogdill."
--American Fiction Suite 101

"Michael Cogdill's She-Rain: A Story of Hope is a well written, beautiful tale that will stay with you long after you turn the last page."

"This is quite an emotional story. The words flow brilliantly through each page and each character is crafted expertly. The Southern voices ring true and clearly throughout this book making the reader feel as if they are part of the story."
--Socrates Book Reviews

"A slow and sultry story, told in Southern language forcing you to read at a Southern pace, She-Rain is an incomparable narrative, deep and difficult in emotion and topic, tear-raising and truly amazing. It will pull at your heart, pull at your soul, and make you believe. Exposing economic, racial, and physical divides; encompassed in less than 350 pages with a lifetime of experience. Not for the faint of heart, but for the true reader, the lover of literature in search of something powerful."
--The Crowded Leaf

"That's the best word I think, amazing. This story is completely amazing. I enjoyed it immensely, I recommend it to anyone who is willing and wanting to take on a book that is very deep, but will leave them sighing wistfully for another time, even though it was hard, and it hurt, and there wasn't a lot of hope."
--24/7 Mom

"This book is filled with clever quotes and poetic language . . . it's written in such a way that you can almost hear the North Carolina accents as you read the words."
--Simply Stacie

"I really enjoyed following Frankie, Sophia, and Mary Elizabeth's stories and their lives. This author, Michael Cogdill is a great writer of a story. This is a wonderful life story of one little place in the Appalachian Mountains. Of the sorrow and happiness, pain and grief, and above all the love that dwells there. Frankie finds his love with Mary Elizabeth and a different love with Sophia. If you get a chance to read this book, I highly recommend that you do."
--Just Books

"Amazing! Simply amazing. The beauty of the words force you to read them aloud. There aren't many books that do that to me. I felt the same way when I read White Orleander [sic] by Janet Finch. Michael write with such poetic prose that you must hear the words you are reading."
--Maria's Space

"Considering that I finished the book in goosebumps, reading through a haze of tears, I obviously had a lot to think about. One of the biggest messages was about helping each other. The author shows that we should never be afraid to ask for help when we need it, and we should always be willing to accept help when it's offered. We should also be on the lookout for people that we can help. How much better would this world be if we just looked out for opportunities to help each other, no matter how small? Whether it's money, a meal, an ear to listen, or even just a hug on a hard day, everyone has something to offer."
--The Introverted Reader

"I was not expecting for the book to end the way it did, and I hope by saying that, I'm not giving too much away. The title is She-Rain: A STORY OF HOPE, and it truly is. I was somehow in a better mood after I finished this book. A truly beautiful novel."
--You Wanna Know What I Think?

"I haven't read very many books that have reached the caliber that She-Rain has. It has been said many times that this book is poetic. The words in this book were compelling and genuine. The imagery was magnificent and I could find myself feeling as though I were really there with Frank and his mother or Mary Lizbeth. This book was powerful and eloquently written. It is evident that the author had poured his heart and soul into She-Rain."
--You Gotta Read Reviews

"Cogdill's writing is superb with his southern slant and compelling story. Filled with emotions and love, it is an amazingly different story than I have ever read. I found myself feeling I knew the characters so well as he developed them and the story captured me so much it was hard to put down. Emotionally, I read with joy one minute and sorrow or horror the next. The ups and downs of the characters' lives and connection between the three people, Mary Lizbeth, Sophia, and Frank is so believable due to the superb writing. It is truly a hard book to explain but certainly one you must explore for yourself as I imagine great discussion can be had with those who have read it."
--Booking With Bingo

"Beautifully written, impossible to put down, Cogdill will leave readers thinking about how true love makes each of us better, never leaves us the same and that 'love is the only thing you earn by givin' it all away.'"
--Christy's Book Blog

"It is sufficient to say She-Rain is a multi-dimensional novel of faith, abuse, fear, addiction, friendship, love, and hope which is written through the use of vivid imagery, characters the reader grows to adore or learns to understand over an 84-year period. She-Rain is a novel that draws the reader in, making the reader want to pause to absorb every nuance and feeling. She-Rain would make for a brilliant choice for a discussion group."

"She Rain draws the reader in and provides them drive and desire to see how each of the characters eventually grows and unfolds. It is absolutely addictive. I literally found it hard to put down, but noticed that some parts required a little reflection on self in order to endure the next tragedy or moment of elation the characters moved through."
--Book Pleasures

"It may sound odd, but I found myself thinking of She-Rain in terms of a thick triple chocolate cake. It was rich and full of layers and surprises. It was the kind of book that I had to read in small doses, simply because the prose was so full of beautiful descriptions that I took for what seemed like forever to digest each portion. Emotions between the characters run so deep that they weigh heavily on me, long after I've completed the story."
--My Eclectic Reads

"If our family will live in this way, we might have the God given grace to see She- Rain. I truly believe my eyes have seen it floating over the Appalacian mountains. I'm sure it is a sight I could never forget in this life and perhaps, the next life."
--Reading With Tea

"The author not only brings the southern characters to life with his clever dialect, but the beauty of North Carolina's Blue Ridge mountains shines through in his fine written prose. When I consider the characters, the plot and the interwoven themes, I would not be surprised if this book becomes a classic, it is that well written and highly recommended."
--Mom's Own Words

"This is the type of book that needs to be discussed after reading it, I think it would make a great selection for a book club."
--The Bookworm