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view more>> Presents: The Mommy Files: Secrets Every New Mom Should Know (that no one else will tell you!) Presents: The Mommy Files: Secrets Every New Mom Should Know (that no one else will tell you!)

by Jen Klein

Book Reviews

"For a refreshing approach to mom-baby books, with one-liners and anecdotes, along with wisdom and self-realiance, The Mommy Files is an excellent resource."
--Suite 101 Parenting Resources

Online Reviews

"I remember I had so many questions when I became a new mom and frankly my pride kept me from asking my mom & mother-in-law. I wish I would have had a book like this! I did eventually ask for help and yes I am part of a play group, it's true -- They are for us moms, not just the kids. New Moms need a book like this to start off with."
--Mommy Reads Too Much

"This was a cute and fast little read. Even though I have been a Mother 3 times now, the author had some great little remarks at things I never would have thought of. I liked how each chapter is set up for a different stage in parenthood. From conception to older child, the author takes you on a journey of not only raising a child, but getting through it with dignity and your humor still intact. This would be a great book for a new mom or a quick read for a mom who has been there and done that."
--My Over Stuffed Bookshelf

"If you are a new Mommy, I promise you this, 'The Mommy Files' will help you find the humor in the sleep deprivation, the double-doody diapers leaking from every leg hole and waistband, and how to change a diaper while holding your baby in mid-air in a truck-stop bathroom. Yep, I've done that too. It is not fun, but it is possible. There is some comfort in knowing that 'your mother didn't know what she was doing either' and in my case, I was not only way too young to be a new mother when I entered this club, I was way too immature and totally not funny. Live and learn. Why can't hindsight be foresight? One thing I did not do as a young mother and I wish I had was ask for help. Jen Klein teaches you with friendly experience how being a Supermom really is about asking for help and not being afraid to admit that you are in over your head."
--Raisin Toast

"I thought that this would be a great gift to give any expecting friend on her journey to motherhood. It is filled with great tidbits of information but not overly medical in nature. I also liked that there were always fun, is published by by parenting expert and contributor Jen Klein it has a lot of useful websites that a new mom or mom to be could use to her benefit."
--Me-Mommy Etc

"First and foremost -- where was this book 5 years ago??? I really could have used this book when I was pregnant for the first time. There were so many things that I wish I had known my first time around. And so many things that I got hung up on but really there was no reason to. This book is full of all those things other moms never remember to mention to moms-to-be. I love the 'SheKNOWS Secrets' that are scattered around the book. They are so accurate it makes me wonder if the author had a camera on me my first time around!"
-- Busy Moms Who Love To Read

"The book reads like loving advice from your best friend."
--Maria's Space

"For a refreshing approach to mom-baby books, with one-liners and anecdotes, along with wisdom and self-realiance, The Mommy Files is an excellent resource." --Suite 101 Parenting Resources

"I think, for a new mom, this book could be a nice addition to the stack of pregnancy books we all read. It will definitly give you information that is not normally found in them! I think this would be a great book to slip into that baby shower basket for a first-time Mom."
--The Mommy Rambles

"My favorite chapters included Good Parenting Is Sexy, Playgroups Are For Moms, Not Children, and Tales From The Potty. I highly recommend this book for any new mom and would make a perfect baby shower gift!"
--A Mom After God's Own Heart

"But this book will take you by the hand give you a hug and then teach you the 101 on things a mommy is suppose to know. I quite enjoyed this light read because it gives you helpful tips and the truth about being a mom."
--I Love Book Gossip

"I loved reading The Mommy-Files because it reassured me that I was in fact a good mom and that trusting my instincts was sometimes the best thing for me and my baby. I learned a few new things but mostly was reminded to simply enjoy being a mom. I would totally recommend this book for any new mom."
--The B Keeps Us Honest

"She gives her experience and what worked and what didn't work all with honesty and humor. I have read a lot of books on this subject and I have to say this one is done in such a laid back honest way that you almost feel like you are sitting in your kitchen drinking coffee and talking with your best friend. I highly recommend this to ALL new mommies. We found this to be very useful and informative."
--PJ Mommy

"As a new mother who is already six months into mommyhood, I found this book nailed a lot of truths and secrets to motherhood right on the head -- lessons I had to learn the hard way! I wish I would have had this book to read before I gave birth so I could have been warned and let in on the mommy secrets ahead of time! I like the mix of comedy and seriousness the author uses to explain a lot of what all mothers experience no matter how many babies you have had! It made reading the book fun and I kept wondering what lesson I would learn next."
-- The Review Stew