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Divorce Sucks: What to do when irreconcilable differences, lawyer fees, and your ex's Hollywood wife make you miserable Divorce Sucks: What to do when irreconcilable differences, lawyer fees, and your ex's Hollywood wife make you miserable

by Mary Jo Eustace

Book Reviews

"Big doses of candour, a touch of cynicism (can't blame her, seriously) and a huge dollop of optimism (I know, how odd to have both cynicism and optimism in the same book), mixed with an engaging, high energy voice all combine to make this book an easy, engaging and thoughtful read -- and not just for recently divorced women."

Online Reviews

"I found this book to be extremely helpful in processing emotions. Sometimes when you're down you don't realize that other people have felt the same way you do. It's nice to have a friend to turn to or in my case, a book to turn to." 

"Any reader looking for advice on how to deal emotionally with a divorce will benefit from her book, just as any reader looking for a book written in a chatty, comfy BFF style will enjoy picking this one up."
--Psychotic State 

"If you are in the throes of divorce or know someone who is, Divorce Sucks is must-read." 
--Heck of a Bunch 

"For those who follow the tabloids and celebrity scene, this will prove diverting and shows that there is life after divorce."
--Book Views 

"Despite the fact that her now ex-husband dropped the bomb on her that he was leaving her for Tori Spelling, the author amazingly maintains rational and is wise in her recommendations to try and 'dialogue with your husband.'" 
--Mom's Own Words 

"With so many things about life, well, just plain sucking I am sure the series will enjoy success for quite some time." 
--A Blog of Books 

"I highly recommend reading this book because it's a great life lesson indeed!" 
--A Mom Who Loves Reviews 

"You'll laugh you may even shad (sic) a tear but I promise you'll enjoy this book . . . " 
--Mom 2 My Crazy 2