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Review of Voice Over IP Telephone (VOIP) installation.

11 Melanie Lane   Ste. #9
East Hanover, N.J.   07936

I had the great misfortune to contract Ecomm Technologies of New Jersey to install an Avaya IP Telephony (voice over IP) system in my business office in 2008. My company had just moved into the office space and I wanted to have an IP telephony system instead of a standard Verizon phone system, which I had in my previous office. I chose the Avaya One-X Quick Edition.

I first had them come out and survey the office. They sent me a proposal, which I signed and sent back. When they installed the system, I was quite surprised to find a large rack mounted on my wall. This rack was about three times the size of the one I needed. Also, the POE switch they installed was extremely noisy. I wish the salesperson, Anthony (Tony) DiPinto, who essentially vanished as soon as I signed the agreement, would have warned me that they would be putting a big rack on my wall with a noisy switch. He knew it would be in the main area of my office.

They sent someone to set up and program the system who obviously didn't know the system well at all. He had to sit reading the manual most of the time he was here. Ecomm claimed this was because it was a relatively new system. In my opinion, you shouldn't be installing a system you don't know.

Also, I was told by my salesperson that my office staff would get training on the system. All we got, from the person who didn't know the system, was him showing one person in the office how to do a couple of basic things like answer and transfer a call. I assumed we would schedule a training session at a date in the near future. Not really. They completely reneged on that and never gave us any training.

Immediately after the installation, I had a couple of issues with it. So, having a one-year service agreement according to my salesman, I called Ecomm Technologies for help. They were unable to help me with the first two things I called about. Just didn't know the answer and, again, obviously didn't know the system. They said they would get back to me. As I recall, they did give me some information to help me with one item, then they had to conference in Avaya tech support for help on another issue. That issue got resolved by Avaya telling me that I could not make the adjustment to the system I wanted (had to do with the time delay when someone calling did not press an extension).

Much to my surprise, I then received invoices from both Avaya and Ecomm for support supposedly included in my agreement! I then had to contact Ecomm to get it straightened out. Tony DiPinto, my salesman, again was not very helpful. After repeated attempts, the invoice was finally cancelled.

The Avaya invoice still comes to my office more than twenty months after first receiving it. Avaya won't transfer the invoice to Ecomm Technologies where it belongs without Ecomm's approval, and Ecomm has done little to help me.

I stopped calling Ecomm for support because every time I did I got an invoice, which I then had to contest. And I got little help. These two things, in combination, will discourage you from calling, which I assume is what they want.

In summary, Ecomm Technologies sold me a VOIP system they didn't know, the salesperson misled me every step of the way, they did not correctly configure it, and there was virtually no support afterwards even though it was promised. Avoid Ecomm Technologies at all cost.

Update: I came to find out that this "new" system, the Avaya One-X Quick Edition, was actually on the verge of being discontinued by Avaya. So there were no more updates to the system - it was essentially obsolete within a year of my purchasing it. After a couple of years of struggling with it, having one unit die so I had to buy a replacement unit on Ebay, I finally wrote it off and got rid of it. A total waste and a total write off. Not only the central unit but all of the phones also.