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The Acid Alkaline Balance Diet: An Innovative Program for Ridding Your Body of Acidic Wastes Excerpt from The Acid Alkaline Balance Diet: An Innovative Program for Ridding Your Body of Acidic Wastes

by Felicia Drury Kliment

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Weight Reduction for the Morbidly Obese 

Anyone fifty pounds or more overweight is considered morbidly obese. These are people whose biochemistry is often unbalanced. For many in this category hunger is not satisfied even when the stomach is filled; others become morbidly obese even when they eat moderately. For both types of individuals a well-balanced diet with a lot of raw, organically grown foods must be accompanied by nutritional and hormonal supplements.

Cheryl fit into this category. She was seventeen years old at the time I met her, weighed 350 pounds, and was five feet, six inches tall. Cheryl's mother showed me her medical records. Physical examinations by an endocrinologist which included blood tests every year since she was twelve failed to show any abnormalities in glandular function, blood lipid levels, or blood pressure. Nevertheless, Cheryl had some symptoms of ill health such as migraine headaches, depression, and swollen ankles and feet. 

A ravenous appetite, however, was not one of her problems. At times she went all day without eating because she wasn't hungry. Her one liking was for sweets, and she ate two chocolate candy bars at a time once or twice a week, hardly enough to account for being two hundred pounds overweight. I believed Cheryl when she said she was not addicted to sweets, because the favorite marzipan cake her mother made for her birthday was practically intact at the end of the week. Considering the small quantities of food Cheryl ate -- her mother actually worried because she was hardly ever hungry -- there could be only one cause for her obesity. She was not burning up her excess body fat. Her body shape was partly responsible. Cheryl had always been chubby, but before adolescence the fat was concentrated around her hips and thighs. As she put on the pounds, the fat crept up into her abdomen and chest. Excess fat in these regions is broken down and released into the bloodstream more quickly than the fat in the lower part of the body. This can lead to heart disease and liver damage. 

It was essential, therefore, that Cheryl take off the excess layers of fat around the chest and abdomen. I had Cheryl place three five-inch by twelve-inch magnetic pads over her chest and abdomen at night when she went to bed. Magnetic energy is a useful adjunct in a weight-loss program, because the negative charge of the magnets helps the growth hormone pull fat out of the fat cells. Happily, the removed fat is not deposited elsewhere. Not only do the chest and abdomen areas flatten out, weight typically drops by fifteen to twenty pounds. After about two months Cheryl's chest and upper abdomen were protruding less and she had taken off ten pounds. 

Cheryl's rotund shape was not only dangerous to her health, it made it very difficult for her to burn up fat. To generate additional energy, she used coconut oil, a tropical oil that's supersaturated. At room temperature the oil is a solid, white block, so hard that it has to be melted before it can be used. But unlike meat and some dairy fats, coconut oil is not converted into cholesterol. Nor does it add to the stores of body fat. Because it's made up of medium chains of fatty acids which oxidize, it's burned up. Cheryl took two tablespoons of coconut oil a day and at the end of three months had lost twenty pounds. This weight loss seems insignificant in relation to Cheryl's total weight, but it reduced the swelling in her ankles and feet. 

To further raise Cheryl's energy level, with her doctor's approval, I had her take some thyroid extract even though her thyroid function tested normal. The thyroid supplement raised her body temperature slightly above the normal waking temperature of 98.6 degrees. This caused her body to produce more energy and she burned off twenty more pounds of fat. 

An increase in the production of energy is not much benefit if it isn't transported to wherever it is needed in the body, so Cheryl took 50 milligrams of CoQ-10 twice a day. But CoQ-10 did not cause further weight loss, probably because Cheryl's energy distribution system was normal. Cheryl melted away another fifteen pounds after she started playing badminton with her father for two hours, five times a week. 

The weight that Cheryl lost as a result of these measures alleviated most of her health problems. While she still has migraine headaches, she no longer gets a blind spot in the center of her visual field during an attack. Her depressed moods also occur less often. Cheryl's weight stabilized at around 270 pounds -- not enough weight loss for her to be taken out of the morbidly obese category, but enough to make her feel much better. That was two years ago. Her mother called me recently to tell me that Cheryl had taken off another fifty pounds by eating only one meal a day and by taking a nutritional supplement called Stacker 11 for weight loss. This supplement contains a highly concentrated dose of ephedra. (Ephedra should not be taken by anyone with high blood pressure or any other cardiovascular disease.) 

Factors to Consider in a Weight Loss Diet 

What can be done about food addictions? Give them all up at once and see if there are any you can do without. Cheryl did this and discovered that whereas her craving for pizza and hero sandwiches persisted, she didn't miss the sodas. In place of soda, she drinks carbonated water. 

Suggestions For Weight Loss 

One hard and fast rule all dieters should follow: no junk food before breakfast. A junk-food snack first thing in the morning ferments and putrefies in the stomach. Any healthy food eaten afterward, exposed to the bacteria in the putrefying and fermenting junk-food molecules, is also broken down into toxic waste by these bacteria. 

The most critical factor in any weight-loss program is the efficient digestion of foods. Complete digestion means fewer acidic wastes. This has at least three advantages. First, appetite cravings are reduced (toxic acidic food residues create abnormal hunger pangs). Second, fewer acidic wastes means less fat sticks to the ribs. Third, reduction in toxic acidic wastes makes for a more alkaline environment in the body. This in turn increases the production of food-digesting enzymes. The more enzymes that break down food molecules in the gastrointestinal tract, the less food remains undigested and the better the chances to attain the ultimate in efficient digestion and consequent weight loss: oxidation (burning) of 97 percent of the food you eat. 

Copyright 2002 by Felicia Drury Kliment